You didn’t think that Bloodborne was going to stop leaking now that it’s been officially announced, did you? Hot on the heels of this week’s reveal, the full Project Beast trailer – which kicked up a selection of screen grabs and video clips earlier in the year – has now emerged online, showing off a bunch of gameplay from the forthcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive.

Allegedly, this trailer was originally scheduled to be shown at the Tokyo Game Show last year, but the platform holder opted to pull it at the last minute. As such, the clothing physics and overall visuals aren't quite as impressive as the off-screen footage shot at E3 2014 earlier this week. It’s also possible that the enemies and environments shown may not even be in the game anymore.

We’re going to refrain from hosting the video here for obvious reasons, but if you want to see it for yourself, you’ll need to click through here. Some of the boss designs on display really are Soul Sacrifice levels of gross, so we’re excited to see just how twisted this title is going to be when it eventually deploys in Spring 2015.