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E3 2014: Don't Panic, The Last Guardian Has Not Been Cancelled

Posted by Kell Andersen


Causing the Twitter explosion to end all Twitter explosions, IGN recently revealed that it received inside information suggesting that The Last Guardian had been officially cancelled. The hotly anticipated title by Team ICO has been in development for several years now, with a seemingly endless list of rumours and teases only exacerbating this unbearable wait.

In response to these claims, Scott Rohde – Sony's head of software product development – stated over Twitter that the rumours are untrue. "Shuhei Yoshida and I laughed over this rumour at dinner,' the executive said. "The Last Guardian has not been cancelled." What's more, the post was retweeted by the official PlayStation Twitter account.

The big question now is whether or not we'll be seeing the game in any concrete form over the coming week of E3. Unfortunately, we have absolutely no answers at this point. So, rather than worrying about it, this exasperated reporter is now going to go sit down with a nice mug of Horlicks in an attempt to calm his frayed nerves.


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Reverend_Skeeve said:

"Shuhei Yoshida and I laughed over this rumour at dinner,"

Yeah. And then they said something like "And they still believe they're gonna see anything of this game during the next five years or so." and laughed even harder.

C'mon guys. Don't even mention the game anymore (I mean Sony, not Pushsquare)...anything coming now until you actually show it again is actually just cruel and hurting fans and the game...but hey...Duke took about 14 years to be released, so there's still hope, I guess...



N711 said:

lol IGN and their 'rumours' . Do people still take that site seriously?



Punished_Boss_84 said:

The real story here is that those two have a bromance going on... No? Oh cancelled? That time of year again.?



Jazzer94 said:

The game probably isn't called the Last Guardian anymore and that is why IGN's sources started saying it had been cancelled, that or Sony's E3 no longer matters to me if it is cancelled.



JaxonH said:

Didn't they just show some footage last year or something? I remember seeing a little bit of footage recently, can't remember if it was E3 or TGS or what, but it still LOOKED like a PS3 game. Maybe they just showed that footage to throw everyone off, cause I've got a strange feeling this is going to come to PS4. There's just no sense in releasing an exclusive of this caliber on PS3 so late in it's lifespan



Bliquid said:

I know what is going to happen: Last Guardian and FF XV are to be released in 2099, bundled.
No, maybe they have been merged into one game, where a little kid travels through a fantasy world with a gigantic JPop spiky hair singer as a guardian.
Yes, that must be it.



get2sammyb said:

They wouldn't keep debunking these rumours if it wasn't still in active development. It definitely exists. We're at the point now, though, where I feel they need to prove it. There's only so many times you can say, "Nuh-uh" on Twitter and expect people to believe you.



3rdEyeMind said:

It won't be shown.

Why debunk a rumor so close to E3 if it was going to be revealed? They could of let it slide so they get more of a wow factor at E3 when it did get revealed.



Swiket said:

I really hope Sony makes a sly joke about IGN at the press conference tomorrow.




I just Love when A Hor Licks me! Lol..

Seriously though, If TLG doesn't show up at E3 many will be disappointed and scream failure. Which could actually create buzz. It will be negative buzz but buzz nonetheless. I don't expect it at E3. TGS is the proper venue for this game. By that time most will have given up on the game and the re-reveal would cause a maelstrom of internet activity.



rjejr said:

I havent visited IGN in years but they are still a big site and they probably have some legitimate sources and it wouldn't surprise me at all if this game has been canceled - for PS3. If it were capable of running properly on PS3 it could have come out years ago. Something called The Last Guardian with that giant cat-owl thing will release on PS4 someday. How hard can it be to make this game anyway? Ico was a picturesque tear-jerker and SotC was wash rinse repeat. Sure they were both great games but they werent 64 player online photorealistic hardware intensive. Just publish a short $30 game w/ 2 endings - everybody lives or everybody dies - and be done with it.



get2sammyb said:

@rjejr I think the problem's the AI. The cat bird thing's supposed to behave like a real animal, and seeing as it's most pivotal part of the game, I reckon they've struggled to nail it. You're right, though, this definitely isn't a PS3 game.

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