With popular PlayStation host Buzz seemingly more past it than Les Dennis – look out for a Coronation Street cameo soon – Happy Dance Games has turned its attention to the gaping game show hole currently plaguing the PlayStation 4. Set to release next week in North America for $9.99, That Trivia Game looks like a slightly iffy homage to Relentless Software’s once popular peripheral-based party game.

Apparently, the full title will allow you to assume the role of one of several customisable avatars, and face off against either the computer or up to three other friends. There’s no word on online play, but there’ll apparently be over 1,000 questions, spanning 20 different categories. Best of all, there’ll be no dodgy Jason Donovan quips to take your mind off the conundrums at hand. Thank sweet mercy for that.

[via punkandlizard.com, psnstores.com]