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  • US 15th Apr 2014, $9.99
  • EU 25th Jun 2014, £7.99
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  • Review That Trivia Game (PlayStation 4)


    There have been copious trivia games released over the years, with Relentless Software’s surprisingly good Buzz! series perhaps being the most popular among PlayStation fans. The latest title to tackle the quiz genre, That Trivia Game, is exclusive to the PlayStation 4 – and certainly deserves top marks for its highly original name...

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  • News That Trivia Game Buzzes in on PlayStation 4 Next Week

    Insert Family Fortunes noise here

    With popular PlayStation host Buzz seemingly more past it than Les Dennis – look out for a Coronation Street cameo soon – Happy Dance Games has turned its attention to the gaping game show hole currently plaguing the PlayStation 4. Set to release next week in North America for $9.99, That Trivia Game looks like...

About The Game

It's time for That Trivia Game! A light-hearted and quirky game show experience that gets all of your friends into the action. Over 1,000 trivia questions in 20 different categories provides hours of fun and nail-biting excitement for the whole family!

Play against the computer or up to 3 of your friends in That Trivia Game! Featuring over 1,000 up-to-date questions to test your knowledge of 20 different categories for hours of fun for the whole family! With 24 character combinations and four challenging rounds per game, That Trivia Game is more exciting each time you play!