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PS4 Exclusive inFAMOUS: Second Son Recharges with Photo Mode

Posted by Sammy Barker

Unleash your inner Peter Parker

Sucker Punch’s superhero sequel inFAMOUS: Second Son is an outrageously attractive game, and you’ll be able to prove just how picturesque the streets of Seattle are as part of the package’s brand new patch. Set to release sometime tomorrow, the new Photo Mode will allow you to create custom screenshots from the game – and it sounds like there’s going to be a serious suite of options at your disposal.

As explained in the video embedded below, you’ll not only be able to frame your picture, but also set the depth of field, focus, colour palette, and much more. “We were totally amazed at the quality of the screenshots that you all shared,” beamed studio boss Brian Fleming on the PlayStation Blog. “So we thought that we’d try to help you all out. With this patch, you can enable photo mode within the options.”

Of course, that’s not all that the update will add. As previously promised, you’ll also be able to cap the title’s framerate at 30 frames-per-second, preventing any occasions of judder caused by the title creeping above that number. Elsewhere, the firm’s fixed a few bugs, and incorporated the ability to turn off the heads-up display and change the time of day once you’ve finished the game. Now you’ll finally be able to polish up those remaining districts in the rain.

You can peruse the full list of patch notes over on the PlayStation Blog. Are you satisfied with these enhancements, or are you still waiting for something in particular to be incorporated? Consume our powers in the comments section below.


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InsertNameHere said:

@get2sammyb Just that maybe the video editing software rumoured to be included with the next system update could add this functionality for every game.



BloodyBill said:

This photo thing is nice but can you export the photo's from the game to the PS4 console? If they can only be viewed from in-game then that's nothing special.



get2sammyb said:

@BornOfEvil It would be totally awesome, but this sort of thing would need to be built into the games I imagine. The new video editing stuff is more likely to be post-processing stuff — like add captions and things like that.

@BloodyBill You can upload them to Twitter/Facebook. Firmware update 1.7 will also allow you to copy them to a USB stick.



goonow said:

Being able to change the day and stop time is too much fun! Its the proverbial cherry on top of an already great game.

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