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Not Even Sir Alex Ferguson Could Intimidate Wolfenstein: The New Order's Referee

Posted by Sammy Barker

Foul play

We didn’t think that referees could get much more frightening than Pro Evolution Soccer 3 cover star Pierluigi Collina, but the official in this Wolfenstein: The New Order trailer gives the Italian stallion a real run for his money. In order to hammer home the idea of the upcoming PS4 and PS3 shooter’s alternate history universe, the embedded video shows a footballer being fouled – and the perpetrator shot for the challenge.

In truth, this harrowing introduction perfectly encapsulates the approach that MachineGames has adopted for its impending first-person affair, which fuses stylish story telling with the kind of pulpy premise that has always defined id’s iconic property. Strange soccer matches aside, this meaty trailer also includes a good look at the title’s gameplay, which appears to be just as satisfying as when we sampled it earlier in the year.


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Bad-MuthaAdebisi said:

@TOMBOY25 correct.

This looks way better than what I first saw and I now actually am looking forward to this. A shooter with a story that actually makes sense, that's impressive in itself. Also love the music.

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