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Square Enix Will Let You Brave Final Fantasy XIV with a Mouse and Keyboard on PS4

Posted by Sammy Barker

Bring your office into your living room

You’ll be able to return to the ever evolving realm of Eorzea on the PlayStation 4 shortly, as Square Enix has confirmed that Final Fantasy XIV Online: A Realm Reborn is set to expand to Sony’s next-gen super machine on 14th April. The company had already confirmed the aforementioned date for Japan and Europe, but now it’s official in North America, too.

Assuming that you’re already playing the game on the PlayStation 3, you’ll be able to switch to the enhanced version for free from 11th April. This will revoke your access to the current generation iteration, so you’ll need to stump up for a second copy if you still want to play on both formats. As a result of the transition, you’ll be rewarded with early access to the upgraded title.

But what’s better about the next-gen release? Well, in addition to boasting overhauled visuals – running in 1080p, of course – and Remote Play functionality, the port will also feature touchpad support for fiddly inventory management, as well as full compatibility with a mouse and keyboard if you prefer the PC control setup.

An open beta’s set to run between 22nd February and 3rd March, with a second test due right before launch, starting on 4th April. If you create a character during the latter phase, you’ll be able to import it into the full release. Are you itching to venture into this online world, or is the title’s attached subscription fee putting you off? Think things over in the comments section below.


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NathanUC said:

Even though the game will support mouse/keyboard, I implore PS4 users to try it with a dualshock4. After getting used to playing this game with a controller, I can't imagine going back to a keyboard/mouse. It's all personal preference but both control systems are 100% viable at all aspects of the game.



Bliquid said:

@nathanuc1988 : i will stick with the controller, when i make the jump from 3 to 4. Only problem i have is, i chose the Scholar/WHM way of life (still not sure which one yet) but i still have troubles targeting friends in need who are not in my party during FATES.
It makes my pious need to heal other people frustrating, sometimes.



xMEADx said:

Can't wait this is the biggie for me I never owned a playstation3 (I was an xbox live subscriber for over 10 years until this gen) FF Destiny and ESO i cant wait to play em all, I'll probably try all of them and then choose which one to dedicate hundered's of hours of my life to I've played all my MMO's on the PC (Final Fantasy11 online and WoW are the main ones i played) so this is going to be great I cant wait.



Tasuki said:

I might check it out since I have slowed down on WoW as of late the only problem I have is that I will more then likely go back to WoW when the new expansion hits so I don't want to be addicted to two MMOS. If I did try this I would more then likely go with the mouse and keyboard option so that way I can use my Razer Naga



BlueProxy said:

Great for people to have the option. I however won't be paying a monthly subscription for this.

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