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Fairy Fencer F Takes the PS3 by Surprise This Year

Posted by Nicola Hayden

Man made weapons

What's better than a cute anime girl? A cute anime girl that you can use to lop people's heads off with, of course. And that is exactly what you'll be signing up for in NIS America's latest acquisition, Fairy Fencer F. Indeed, the localisation specialist recently confirmed that the turn-based role-playing game will arrive on the PlayStation Network in Europe and North America later this year.

Unable to solve their childish bickering like real adults, a maleficent goddess and vile god started a war with one another of epic proportions. With the customary dispute solver rock paper scissors resulting in a draw, both deities created mystical weapons imbued not only with godly essence, but also the spirit of a fairy to settle the score. After eventually sealing each other away, warriors seek out these mythical arms named furies which legend states will grant one wish. Sadly, our ignorant protagonist Fang didn't catch the memo, as he accidentally becomes a fencer, a wielder of these artifacts after pulling them from a stone. Still, while his destiny may have changed forever, at least his sidekick is a bit of a cutie.

Don't you just love how lead characters seem to always get wrapped up in drastic events by mistake? Stumble with your opinion into the comments section below.


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MadchesterManc said:

Really looking forward to this one Been waiting on this news but I guess it was a given when I looked at the title pre-launch last year and it seemed really popular then. NISa dropped a few bombs last week



Scollurio said:

Im really glad we get "oddballs" like this one. Even though it's definitely not for everyone, but the PS-family really seems to be the best place to get some japanese extradosis of weird and wonderful!



Jorzha said:

Looking forward to this one. the battle system looks kinda like hyperdimension neptunia mk2's battle system, and i liked that one =P

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