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Delayed PS4 Title DriveClub Is 'Really Innovating in the Racing Genre'

Posted by Sammy Barker

Social features sent the exclusive off-road

When we played DriveClub approximately six months ago, the PlayStation 4 exclusive didn’t look anywhere near finished. Visually, it didn’t provide the leap that we were expecting – and it was clear that developer Evolution Studios still had plenty of work left to do. Fast-forward to GamesCom a little later and the racer had come on leaps and bounds, only to get delayed weeks before Sony’s latest system’s release anyway.

So what went wrong? Well, reading into PlayStation UK gaffer Fergal Gara’s comments to, it sounds like the game’s ambitious social features are what eventually put the brakes on its launch. “The only reason that product was delayed and we haven't accurately communicated a revised release date is that we want it to be right,” he said. “There's a fair promise in that title in what it wants to do with social features and really innovating in the driving genre.”

The always candid suit continued that there’s “no point” in the racer coming out and doing “half” a job. “It was quite ambitious and didn't quite get there in the timeline hoped,” he added. “That's not great, but it's far better to bring it out at the [desired] standard.” It’s an admirable point, but won’t that affect sales? “It's great to be first, but it's also good to hit a period where maybe a little less is going on,” the executive grinned.

For those pondering exactly what the title is doing that’s so ambitious in the social space, it wants to make sure that you’re competing with other people even when you’re in last place. As such, each race is not just about crossing the finish line, but also the dynamic challenges that will appear as you play. It does sound like a taxing trait from a networking perspective, but the game’s ridiculously impressive lighting system – which adapts depending on the time of day – sounds like more of a headache to us.

Nevertheless, we’re not developers, so all that we really care about is when we’ll get our hands on the high-speed affair. The platform holder still doesn’t seem particularly keen on hammering down a deploy date, but the latest speculation that we’ve heard pegs it at somewhere between inFAMOUS: Second Son and The Order: 1886 – basically in the summer, then. Is your internal engine still revving for this release? Steer your thoughts into the comments section below.


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InsertNameHere said:

I'm in complete agreement with Gara. There's no point in releasing a half finished product that is likely full of bugs (lookin' at you, Battlefield!) and broken promises, when you can release a game that lives up to the expectations that have been set.

I have faith in Evolutions ability, so while I am frustrated that no new release date has been set, I'm fine with waiting so long as DriveClub is 100% ready for launch.



eLarkos said:

I think the end product is going to be great. The concepts sound good and they are obviously being given the time they need. The delay should have been handled differently though - as in not announcing a delay right before its supposed release.



Gamer83 said:

Certainly innovating when it comes to delaying the game I'll give Evolution that. I fully expect upon release this game will be entirely average at best.



Cyrso said:

As someone who isn't really into racing games, I thought the latest short gameplay clips and screenshot looked amazing! I love the natural enviroments, the landscapes and the time of day transition and I'm sure I'll like the racing as well.

Good to keep your expectations low.



Gamer83 said:


I actually like to keep my expectations high but the fact this f'ing studio, which only makes racing games and hasn't put out a major since 2011, couldn't get the game done on time says a lot, none of it good. I have zero faith in this game and sadly I feel the same way about The Crew. No truly awesome next-gen racing games, at least for PS4, until the eventual GT 7 in 2019 if we're lucky.



BambooBushido said:

@Gamer83 I hope DriveClub and the Crew prove you wrong and end up being great also you are Forgetting about Project Cars that game looks Better then DriveClub and the Crew and it's comeing to PS4 this year



Gamer83 said:


The Crew, like Watch_Dogs, has potential to prove me wrong if Ubisoft does the right thing and pitches both builds of those games and turns them over to better development teams within the company. DriveClub doesn't have a chance unless Sony were to re-staff Evolution, that's not happening so I'm confident in saying it will be average at best and I still think chances are very high that it will be an absolute piece of sh*t.

I've been following Project Cars off and on, maybe it'll be good but not really getting my hopes up for that one either. Hopefully Polyphony is hard at work on GT 7 and Sony isn't bothering with a next-gen port of GT6 which will just delay things. Of course that's all Sony seems to be good at putting its first party teams to work at these days. Outside of Guerilla and Sucker Punch of course.



sajoey said:

@Gamer83 Well aren't you a Negative Nelly? Seriously, who stuck the Move up your butt? I understand your criticisms to an extent, but you just seem to be bashing things for the sake of bashing things.



Gamer83 said:


Just calling it as I see it. Negative? Some might say that, but I'm not pissed or anything, just stating things the way they are right now. There's no reason The Crew (and Watch_Dogs) shouldn't be out by now. It's certainly inexcusable for a first party racing game from a company that only does racing games to not be ready by now and as far as Sony's other first party games, it's looking like The Order and Uncharted won't be out until 2015. That means in 2014 it gets inFamous, MLB The Show, DriveClub (if Evolution gets its sh*t together) and maybe a Game of the Year Edition of The Last of Us. Sorry, that doesn't cut it. I criticized Nintendo for the Wii U's poor first party showing all of last year as well. So I'm just being consistent.



goonow said:

Oh right, i remember a rumor from a while ago that said drive club and watch dogs were delayed only because sony's servers are going through some kind of reworking. Those games were done a long time ago i am sure.



SigourneyBeaver said:

“It's great to be first, but it's also good to hit a period where maybe a little less is going on,” the executive grinned.

Not ready my arse.



Tintin said:

A game being delayed is not a bad thing. I'd rather a delayed game than a rushed game. I do agree with you about DriveClub being average at best. I love Gt6 so why would I downgrade to Driveclub? The reason for the delay also doesn't inspire confidence not a mention of gameplay.



InsertNameHere said:

@DaftPlayStation You don't have to worry, DriveClub is going to prove all the naysayers and whiners wrong.

@Tintin DriveClub looks far better than average judging from the last gameplay clip, so you won't be downgrading at all.



KAPADO said:

I still want it no matter how much I complain about it. I want it so bad. And I'm not even big on racing games. She's just pretty.



Gamer83 said:


My problem with the delay is it should've been handled better by Sony. It was pretty obvious this game needed to be delayed and Sony knew it well ahead of launch. Instead of continuing to hype it right up until a month before it was supposed to be out, they should've delayed it as soon as it was obvious (which was in the summer) that it wouldn't make launch. That's over with at this point but if this game were actually on track and didn't have serious issues that needed to be worked out, it would've been released by now so like I posted before, I have zero confidence in this. Evolution isn't on the same level of Polyphony, in fact I wouldn't even put them in the same league as Turn 10 which is just a notch below the GT team. Maybe this team can still deliver a good game in DriveClub, I just have serious doubts about it.

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