The Order: 1886

We may have seen less of it than a hedgehog during hibernation, but Ready at Dawn’s alternate history opus The Order: 1886 still appears to be on track to take a trip through time later this year. Speaking as part of Sony’s big PlayStation Vita Slim reveal earlier this morning, PlayStation UK gaffer Fergal Gara reportedly reiterated that the steampunk shooter will launch in 2014, reinforcing developer comments that hinted at a Fall release window.

“Things kick off again in a few short weeks with the launch of inFAMOUS: Second Son, another great first-party title that's starting to push the boundaries of what the PlayStation 4 can do,” he said, talking up the manufacturer’s new console. “We have DriveClub, again coming from our first-party studios, and we have The Order: 1886 coming later in the year. So that’s just a flavour of what our own studios are bringing out this year.”

Apparently the executive added that Evolution Studios’ abovementioned racer will deploy after Sucker Punch’s superhero excursion, perhaps hinting at a summer release. In truth, it looks like a pretty lean year for exclusive content compared to the past twelve months, but Gara does suggest that it’s just a “flavour”, meaning that there’s probably more to come. We reckon that Uncharted PS4 would round things out nicely, don’t you?