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Sony: PS4 Sales Suppressed by Stock, Will Grow Considerably

Posted by Sammy Barker

Platform holder is not satisfied

Sony’s not especially impressed with the PlayStation 4’s current sales tally. While its next generation system has ripped up the record books and attained the fastest selling format crown, the manufacturer knows that the numbers could be higher if it had more stock available. And UK managing director Fergal Gara acknowledged that fact during the PlayStation Vita Slim’s unveiling earlier today.

“We are still not satisfied, we are still not in stock fully at retail,” he said, stressing that it’s still difficult to track down the system in the UK. “Of course, we haven’t launched in Japan and we’re still not fully meeting demand in other major territories. That [4.2 million figure] is a suppressed number and one that will grow considerably from here.”

He reiterated: “The UK is a big chunky part of that. I’m very proud that we got our fair share of stock, but it’s still not enough. We want more, we need more. Retail is still not stocked fully.” Over the busy Christmas period, Gara mentioned in a candid interview that it may take months for PS4 stock to meet demand. It seems that he was on the money, as the situation doesn’t look like steadying itself any time soon.

Still, it’ll be interesting to see where the next generation system's sales sit at the end of March. The platform holder originally indicated that it hoped to have moved five million units by that point, but assuming that the console’s Japanese launch is a success on 22nd February, we could actually see it attaining a figure much higher. Are you still struggling to track down a device? Check our stock levels in the comments section below.


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MinerWilly said:

Im in the UK and got mine delivered this week from Game ,just checked again on Stock Informer website and they're still in stock and Amazon UK have some too. I originally planned on waiting till March but had to move fast as I didn't want my PS3 BF4 upgrade code to possibly expire without Me actually being able to get one in late March. Battlefield and Resogun are fantastic. Downloading War Thunder and Blacklight Retribution to try out tonight.
Had to sign up to PS+ quick sharp before Resogun got removed.



Reverandjames said:

I have £200 currys vouchers that I won in a competition, sadly it doesn't look like they are getting any PS4's in stock anytime soon @MinerWilly how are you finding it so far?



Jaz007 said:

That sales prediction is simply a question of meeting demand. The PS4 is a monster, at this point I see Second Son rekindling demand. It'a release date was expertly placed.



Jaz007 said:

@BornOfEvil I figure by the time it comes around, the demand from the hype and stuff and will start dying down, or at least be about to dye down, but Second Son will perk it back up/ keep it going.



Shadowsoul83 said:

My littlewoods account just changed the delivery date for my ps4 from the 28/03/2014 to the 07/02/2014 PS4 on Friday!!

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