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Nobunaga’s Ambition: Creation Brings Something a Bit Different to PS4

Posted by Sammy Barker

Clash of the titans

There are no shortage of action games in the PlayStation 4’s lineup at the moment, and that observation expands to the release day offering in Japan. Fortunately, publisher Tecmo Koei is planning something a little different to complement its customary offering of Dynasty Warriors, confirming that historical strategy game Nobunaga’s Ambition: Creation will also be available alongside the console in the Land of the Rising Sun.

The title – which is already out on the PC and the PlayStation 3 – is set during the Sengoku Warring period of the Eastern nation’s history, which occurred during the 15th and 17th century. The re-release will not only run at 60 frames-per-second on Sony’s supercharged hardware, but will also employ the touchpad to allow you to scroll around its gigantic maps. It’s not the only simulation game to tackle the period, but apparently this is one of the more accurately researched.

Nevertheless, you probably shouldn’t expect a Western version. While the Shogun: Total War games are popular overseas, we suspect that the amount of text in this would make it a headache to localise. Don’t worry, though, you could always boot up a stream from the ‘Live from PlayStation’ application on 22nd February and pretend that you’re playing. Go forth, brave soldier – you have an empire to crush.


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Epic said:

Kinda meh IMO but still can't wait to see some Samurai Warriors 4 gameplay.



ThreadShadow said:

All I want from Tecmo-Koei is a new Uncharted Waters game. A next-gen one that combines Uncharted Waters with Assassins Creed Black Flag graphics and gameplay (not the stupid story of course). Heavy player customization, lots of exploration. Crew members that gain experience points for every adventure (on land exploration, battle, sea exploration) they survive and once again, lots of player customization.
I'd like to be able to attack ports too, and with that I can see charging a town Dynasty warriors style. And the hero character you choose and customize gains various skills, like wall running etc..

I think with Koei, and Tecmo working together they could shake the dust off and produce a cool new Uncharted Waters.



Konata5 said:

I think its a real kick in the balls people like me who crave strategy games like these cant get the game Koei loves to kick my balls. First they do not allow Romance of Kingdoms 12 to come to America THAN Samurai Warriors 3 is only on Nintendo that stomped my head in Now Nobunagas ambition Creation which i craved is not coming next What is the real reason I understand Americans here probably only want these brute force call of duty games but there are some people that like strategy related games if R.OT.K 1 through 4 and 6 through 11 come to US but 12 does not how come Samurai Warriors 3 goes to Wii when it was traditionally on PS2 for so long with Dynasty Warriors Maybe that Zelda Warriors game should come to PS3 since Nintendo got SW3 that would be logically fair to the fans that waited for a PS3 version before it even came out I don't want to get emulators and roms i dont want poor translations on emulators in many years I see no logic in why Koei is doing this lately since this started Its like im nobunaga going to gamestop and Nagamasa hits me with a Truck..Koei is my favorite company i love there work and there games I hope they just don't turn into capcom and piss off all there fans like Resident Evil did..I dont care about the games like Total War and Europa and this stuff I want to be Nobunaga,Cao cao,Liu Bei and others in the countries i like the most Watch a 4th Kessen game come out and only comes to XBox and Wii and runs me down with the truck again...not saying this cause im mad just saying it cause i never see other people asking this

even if Koei does run me down with the truck again I still think Japan makes the ultimate games and here in America it sucks please send us good games that take brains to play i am tired of seeing stupid 12 year olds yelling about their stupid shooting games with their cheats and other garbage I need intellectual games war strategy games where you have armies officers,generals Three kingdoms and Nobunaga
I hope to get a PS4 eventually but there will be no point if these koei games will not come out Ever Since the RPG series Wild Arms died
Koei is my last hope for good games I honestly hope they release stuff to my land of brutes..Koei is still on the good path I just hope they do not stray

also the truck is a figure of speech in case someones about to say "What truck"

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