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Bethesda Issues a War Cry for 'Bleeding-Edge' PS4 RPG

Posted by Brett Young

Will there be any Fallout?

Last year was a rather quiet period for Bethesda, but a recent job listing for a games programmer has surfaced. The recruitment drive seeks to add new members to a "team that is pushing the bleeding-edge of role-playing game development". Alright, we're listening.

With the Zenimax owned outfit set to release Wolfenstein: The New Order, The Elder Scrolls Online, and The Evil Within this year, supporting the PS4 is clearly in the company's sights. The burning question is which intellectual property is the development geared towards: the Elder Scrolls or Fallout? Speculation suggests that the latter's much more likely, but feel free to scribe your preferences in the comments section below.


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Gamer83 said:

I know many others love it, but I don't really care for the Elder Scroll series, so I'm hoping the first PS4 game from these guys will be the long overdue Fallout 4.



Donald_M said:

The bleeding edge = Just like our earlier games, but with slightly better graphics!



Donald_M said:

@LDXD It's different. Whether it's better or worse is obviously a matter of opinion. The major difference is that in Oblivion and Skyrim it's possible to do everything in the game with a single character whether being able to makes sense or not, so it feels like it's a little less about actual roleplaying. I suppose you could always just refuse to do things you don't think would make sense for your character, but I for one have always appreciated it when games like this acknowledge that sometime making one choice means you can't make certain other choices. I guess I prefer replay value and a sense of role to sheer content overload, but that's just me.



Gamer83 said:


That may be the case but I'm the wrong person to have a discussion with about Elder Scrolls. I've never been a fan of the series. Tried to get into it, but just can't.



ztpayne7 said:

@LDXD I felt that Morrowind was terrible on many fronts (and not even referring to graphics). But I loved oblivion and skyrim (pros and cons to each).

Everyone has their own opinions!



KelticDevil said:

Oblivion was my favorite game of this past generation. Skyrim was easily top 5. I never played Arena or Daggerfall, but I did play Morrowind. In my opinion, Oblivion & Skyrim are a huge improvement over that game. Sure both games had their problems with bugs and some repetitive gameplay (memories of closing countless Oblivion gates still get me enraged), but I think they are two of the best games of a generation.



GraveLordXD said:

@ztpayne7 oblivion and skyrim are basically watered down versions of morrowind the graphics is the only step up. So much more you could do and see in morrowind plus having different environments is a good thing I can only take so much snow and so much Forrest



BenTarrant said:

Fallout please. Pretty pretty please. There's only so many more hours I can put into 3 and NV. Next-Gen Fallout 0_o



Bad-MuthaAdebisi said:

Fallout 3/New Vegas was my favourite game so far on PS3 And my second favourite franchise ever. So yes, please make Fallout 4.



charlesnarles said:

@BenTarrant I agree! Even PC didn't save them...
@ztpayne7 @Godsire- @LDXD @Donald_M @Gamer83 Arena and Daggerfall had completely randomized game worlds, so each replay was totally different. Morrowind tried to be more structured, but that made it beatable in like 7 min if you wanted. M's armor/clothes has left/right pieces and more slots like shoulders, and also let's you wear armor over clothing! Oblivion has a great story and quests, and the conversations feel real. O gives pairs of boots/gloves, no shoulder slots, and no under-armor clothing. Skyrim said forget all that and you get 6 slots: clothes, hat, gloves, shoes, necklace, and one total ring, and also did away with all durability (dafuq?) and classes (WTF!) and made convos impersonally distant (just kill me now). They gotta go back to their roots if they wanna keep anyone interested, evidently.



ztpayne7 said:

@charlesnarles @LDXD So, I will admit that narrowing down the armor pieces wasn't the best option, and I would like that you can use under armor clothing. However, I think there are important things you're missing. Just so you know, I played Morrowind on an xbox (game of the year editition) and oblivion/skyrim on ps3.

1. The magic system in Morrowind was TERRIBLE. Combining the fact that magicka doesn't regenerate with the fact that in the beginning, spells fail a majority of the time, it was really difficult to progress. To be honest, I had to actually use a cheat to get any enjoyment out of the magic system, which is a tragic shame. I've never needed to look for anything on the other two games because the system on both was great.

Also, fast travel beats intervention + levitate. Even though levitating is cool.

2. Quests. I feel like Oblivion had the best quests by a mile. Their dark brotherhood questline destroys the camonna tong, and I would say any of the other comparable quest lines are much in Oblivion as well. Also much better than skyrim in this regard dark brotherhood, fighters vs companions, mages vs college, etc.

3. Tutorial - I feel like the lack of any tutorial for a game as huge as the elder scrolls was actually a bad thing. I think Oblivion had the best tutorial to let you try new things, but Skyrim wasn't terrible either. Starting morrowind left me really confused in the beginning.

4. Skills - I feel like for the most part, I only stick with a weapon or two, but like to try new things. While I think they should reconsider adding more types of weapons in, I think narrowing down the skills to blade/blunt/marksman and then one handed/two handed/archery are just fine. Also, in a little oblivion vs skyrim action, I think the perks are a much better idea than the things you get when you reach 25, 50, 75, 100 at a level. I liked the perks idea a lot - which they borrowed from fallout, I assume.

5. Environment - While I don't remember the landscape of morrowind as much as I'd like, I don't feel like this is as big of a pro as you mentioned. I feel like this isn't due to game design and moreso the regions and the lore they established. That's the only reason you didn't find a swampland in Skyrim (but did in Oblivion).

6. Durability - I think this could go either way. I found the durability thing to be sort of annoying, but it made things challenging at the same time. While I wasn't sad for it to go away, I can understand how that can take away from the immersion for you.

7. Third person - points to skyrim. I like playing this game best in the third person. I can't remember if morrowind is as clunky as I remember, but I remember it also was just too ugly in that regard. But I'm not referring to graphics per se. Even oblivion was just really awkward in the way that the characters move. I feel like skyrim got this right.

8. Combat - in another nod to skyrim, I like the way you can switch what you're doing in each hand. Spells in both hand can be a lot of fun if you develop it - gives you a lot more flexibility, especially with an additional power or shout.

Nag at skyrim - why did they take away night eye? and I had something else here but I forgot.

I know that there were lots of issues with oblivion and skyrim (not sure if morrowind had a lot of glitches). I played oblivion after everything was fixed (and I got about 300 hours out of it). I've probably played more like 150 of skyrim. I got it at launch. pretty buggy for a while but I'm glad they fixed it. I only got through about 30ish hours of morrowind and I didn't enjoy my time with it at all. And morrowind was the first game I played in the series.



charlesnarles said:

@ztpayne7 lol I watched M then played O then M then S. O has the best dungeon crawling, but S's topography and flowing water add tons of realism. O's quests dealt with human[oid] rights and ethics and [essentially] hell and necromancy, but S was mostly just a boring civil war with normal-assed dragons. I miss night eye too, race etc hardly matters in S I personally hated the BioShock-esque magic equip and really miss the weapon-in-hand casting of O, while S's block/bash system is pretty perfect--if only the shields and weapons and armor could get damaged (and potentially look damaged too)! I have high expectations for a PS4 TES title (online doesn't count...). Even with all my favorite PC mods, I'd rather play O than any other. Am I crazy? My avatar Mr. Deeds appreciates nerding out with you

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