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You Should Probably Be Hyped for Final Fantasy XIV on PS4

Posted by Sammy Barker

MMO won't require a PS Plus subscription

We didn’t give Final Fantasy XIV Online: A Realm Reborn a particularly favourable score on the PlayStation 3, but the core game wasn’t really the reason for that. While we stressed that the title is actually an extremely strong MMO, we acknowledged that Sony’s ageing system wasn’t necessarily the best home for it. Fortunately, the PlayStation 4 has more than enough power to run the title properly.

Chatting with Game Watch magazine earlier this week, producer Naoki Yoshida told the Japanese publication that the next generation port is awesome – and that’s a comment that’s evidenced by the video clip embedded below. According to the developer, the game will run at 30 frames-per-second, but it will render as many characters on screen as possible, unlike the current-gen version. You’ll finally be able to schedule that Chocobo pet show that you always dreamed of.

The footage embedded below shows a chunk of gameplay running on the PS4, as well as a few minutes of Remote Play on one of those amazing lime green PlayStation Vitas. Apparently, you'll be able to play this game without a PlayStation Plus subscription, which is pretty neat if you don’t want to pay for multiple services. Unfortunately, you’ll still need to cough up a monthly fee for the game itself. Are you eager to visit the world of Eorzea? Join our party in the comments section below.


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JaxonH said:

Now that you mention it won't require PS+ I am excited for it! My friend has been playing it on PC off and on (when we're not playing Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate together) and tells me it's solid. And when my friend says a game is solid, that game is solid. I fully trust his judgement. Problem is, he only has a Wii U and Xbox One. So without a friend to play with, I'm not entirely sure how much I'd enjoy this game. But I've always wanted to get into an MMO so we'll see....



zirovanes said:

Get the game!
You CAN play with your friend.

PC, PS3, and PS4 all see eachother in Final Fantasy. It's cross-platform servers. Final Fantasy Online (both 11 and 14) is the one of the rare games/franchises that will do this.

I started on my low-specced PC and switched to PS3 because it runs more smoothly (or at least makes it so i don't have to mess with settings and find the "right" config) and I can dedicate my limited PC resources to some other tasks while playing on my PS3. Same account. Same characters. I can go back on PC any day I want. And I will switch to PS4 when it's out in the same fashion.



JaxonH said:

No kidding huh? My friend had asked me if the game was cross-platform, but I just assumed that it wasn't (like you say it's pretty uncommon). Wow, what a pleasant surprise indeed! Yes, with that in mind I suppose I will get it.

Out of curiosity, how much is the monthly fee and do you know when it hits PS4?



zirovanes said:

I think there's two pricing plans- 12.99 or 14.99. You can create more characters with the 14.99 plans
No release date for PS4, but I think the beta starts in February and you should be able to sign up soon for it



RisefromAshes said:

Not convinced this will be a good game. FF is a stage where it's future is at stake.
FF XV is what the world is waiting on.



Donald_M said:

It makes sense that this wouldn't require PS+ considering it already has a monthly fee of which I'm sure Sony takes a cut. Beyond that, it's an MMO so not interested. Looks good if you like that kind of thing though.



banacheck said:

Most of the free2play games like Warframe are cross-platform with PC, In fact you cannot tell the difference it's like playing other DS4 players.



artemisthemp said:

Looking forward to playing Final Fantasy XIV on PS4 as sharing screenshot on PS3 is a bit complex.

Hopefully the CE won't contain exclusive pet or months

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