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UK PS4 Stock Deliveries to Become 'More Frequent' at Tesco

Posted by Sammy Barker

Consoles expected to be readily available before Christmas

We’ve been monitoring the PlayStation 4 stock situation in the UK keenly over the past few days. Many stores have been sold out since the system’s release on 29th November, but following the arrival of Phase 3 units at GAME, it seems that Sony may be about to resupply Britain's high streets. Argos told us yesterday that it expects new devices to arrive this week, while Tesco has indicated to us that it’s anticipating the availability of the next generation machine to increase imminently.

“I’m truly sorry, we cannot provide accurate stock information for [the PS4],” a representative told us on Twitter. “I can confirm that the deliveries will become more frequent in our Tesco Extra stores leading up to Christmas.” Walmart owned outlet Asda more or less mimicked the comments, telling us that it’s also expecting new stock before the 25th December, but it doesn’t have a firm date to share at this time.

Britain’s two other supermarket giants – Morrisons and Sainsbury’s – didn’t have any information to offer us either, but it stands to reason that they’ll probably receive new consoles right around the same time as their competitors. You can sign up for stock alerts on Tesco’s website through here. And don’t forget to check out our UK PS4 stock guide for a bigger picture of the sell out situation across the country.

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MrPeanutButter said:

just called Tesco and asked about stock for my local store. they told me that they couldn't tell me about how much stock each store has, as stock is being constantly brought. They told me that they were expecting regular stock every day and that my best bet was to go there in the morning so that I would be on of the first ones to get one. So there is no point in calling Tesco, just go to your local Tesco at 9 o clock and try your luck.

P.S he told me to go around 9 am
and this applies to all Tesco's'



MrPeanutButter said:

taytay22 this is what the Tesco guy told me
I don't know if there's going to be stock every day but u could just check every couple of days.
plus keep a close eye on Argos as they had some in stock earlier and are suppose to have some on Friday.
I was pretty unlucky as I just missed out on ordering one today



panky_90 said:

It just sounds like you gotta be lucky and go on the right site at the right time lol



JayJay94 said:

If you live in birmingham, then you should got to the yardley tesco, they are available in that store.



JayJay94 said:

That's where I was luck enough to get mine and it was on the 11th dec. add me on ps4 JUNAiiiD94



MrPeanutButter said:

just got one frome argos
it was the killzone says unavailable for home delivery but if u put in a postcode it works
hurry they run out quick



Koppa said:

I bought one online at Tesco at 6am after reviving a stock update email from them.

They had a few consoles and bundles available for collection monday from your local store.



dynasty889 said:

Great to hear!
Hopefully this may be my chance of ACTUALLY succeeding to get a PS4 before Christmas. Good luck everyone.



gavinbrowne said:

I have just come back from Tesco in corstorphine Edinburgh and they had 6 ps4's sitting on the floor (3 consoles at £349 and 3 killzone packs at £385. That was an hour ago so they may be gone now?

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