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PlayStation Europe Celebrates the Season with Free Winter Warmers

Posted by Sammy Barker

Joy to the PlayStation Nation

Don’t worry if you’ve already opened all of your presents, as there may be one more sitting in your email inbox. In order to help accelerate your seasonal spirit, Sony has sent out a slew of Christmas gifts to PlayStation Network users around Europe today. It’s not entirely clear whether everyone’s eligible for the giveaway, but you should check your account just in case.

Included in the tightly wrapped digital package is a copy of skateboarding side-scroller Tiny Hawk, which will run on your PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, or PlayStation Portable. There’s also a sizeable discount on various SingStar song packs – perfect for your annual karaoke session later tonight – and 60 per cent off the Sly Cooper Collection. That means that you can buy Sucker Punch’s trio of classics for £6.39.

If all of that wasn’t enough, the generous gift includes a 60-day subscription to streaming service Music Unlimited and a bevy of frosty furniture items for PlayStation Home. Not a bad little haul, huh? Check your emails to see if you’ve received any goodies – and let us know if you’ll be redeeming the vouchers in the comments section below.

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RawShark said:

Nothing for Big Daddy Cool. Why have you forsaken me Sony? I bought a PS4 on launch! The premium pack! I DESERVE A PRESENT!



chazaroonie said:

I got all of the above in my email, not even sure if I'm going to use any of them to be fair. Thank you Sony and merry Christmas everyone.



rjejr said:

Got this email yesterday with all the goodies. Then got the 1 from SCEA which said Happy Holidays and didn't offer a single thing. Figures. I don't expect Sony to give me things, but if they are going to send out these emails to everybody they should at least make the effort to balance them out a little. Same goes for 12 Day sale and PS+. The US and EU blogs have links to each other right at the top of the page.

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