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Male, 38, United Kingdom

I have been gaming since the 80s and have been hooked ever since I received a 48k ZX Spectrum + as a surprise one Christmas. I have had a Sega MegaDrive, Super Nintendo, Sega GameGear, Nintendo 64, PlayStation 2, PSP, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita and now I own a PlayStation 4.

Sat 23rd Feb 2013

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chazaroonie commented on Review: DriveClub Bikes (PS4):

Great review @get2sammyb! I'm loving this addition to the main game and am finding the speed of the bikes easier to handle than with the faster cars. Not got all the way through the tour yet but am slowly working my way towards Canada. DriveClub is going to see me through till GT Sport arrives pretty nicely. It's the one game I keep coming back to. VR support would be amazing for this game.



chazaroonie commented on No Man's Sky Still Looks Like One of PS4's Mos...:

@tenderbeefcake I'm not sure if they are all required; however, I do know they enhance the experience. My point was to illustrate that PSVR is an accessory and not a standalone platform. Luckily I have the camera and some Move controllers but if there is a need for extra hardware alongside the headset, it would be safe to assume there will be a bundle with them included for those who don't already own them.



chazaroonie commented on No Man's Sky Still Looks Like One of PS4's Mos...:

@godslayer1975 "VR is not related to ps4 in any way its not a accessory it wont work with ps4 it is its own hardware and games must be made for it as it is a platform."

PlayStation VR is an accessory for use with the PS4, it utilises the PlayStation camera and Move controllers to enhance the experience.

I can't wait to add it to my hardware collection, if this and Gran Turismo 7 are both compatible it would be a big statement of intent from Sony.

Imagine if all games were VR compatible, just like remote play is. The VR tech looks so exciting, I just hope the right investment from developers is put into it or it could end up being an amazing piece of kit that is tragically undersubscribed, just like the Vita.



chazaroonie commented on A Very Happy Birthday to You, PlayStation 2:

I'm saving my all my old systems as I'm due to have a son in a few weeks. I intend to gradually introduce consoles to him over the years until he is ready for the big leagues and the PlayStation 5/6 or whatever iteration we are at by then. Haha. I couldn't ever bring myself to sell my ps2, ps3, psp, or vita, even after I got my ps4. Just think of the fun I'll have with my boy in 10 years time give or take a year or two. I have so many great memories from the old ps2. Gran Turismo 3 was what sold me, I'd been all about Sega and Nintendo before then. Still have a Game Gear and N64 too for my sins.



chazaroonie commented on Rumour: Guitar Hero PS4 to Make Some Noise at ...:

I'd love this and Rock Band, I adored them on PS3. I really hope the old peripherals work with the new generation games too and that they work on both titles like with the PS3 iterations. Would be ace to use the Beatles guitars I already have.



chazaroonie commented on Review: Hustle Kings (PlayStation 4):

Ok, so this may seem like a silly question, as its a free to play title, but is there any element of this that is cross-buy? I ask because I enjoyed this on both PS3 and vita, initially it was the move compatibility that sold me (I really liked the idea of move snooker/pool), but I digress. I was curious as to whether the snooker add on is included, as I downloaded this for both versions that I currently own. I really enjoyed local multiplayer matches and would love the same on PS4. Snooker would be the icing on the cake though. Any information would be gratefully accepted...



chazaroonie commented on Need More USB Ports for Your PS4? Here's a Nif...:

I bought one a few months back and wasn't that impressed. Looking at it on the website, I was blown away and loved a similar product that I had for my PS3. My biggest gripe with it is that my wireless headset won't work when plugged in via this, as the adapter won't connect unless it's directly plugged into the PS4. Whether it's because the power is split so there is less juice going to each new port I can't say. It just put me off. The version that arrived looked a lot cheaper that I was expecting too. It will allow you to charge several dualshock controllers at once, but in my opinion, it isn't much use for anything else.



chazaroonie commented on Sony Extends PlayStation Plus Subs Due to Xmas...:

I'm not sure Sony is required by law to compensate any amount of days for issues such as this. I haven't studied the fine print but I'm sure there must be some caveat in the contract. It's very difficult to obtain redress with digital services, as the provider "cannot guarantee a fault free service".



chazaroonie commented on Could a Future PS4 Firmware Update Bring Onlin...:

I'd be happy for the feature to be added in the future but it's actually quite refreshing not having constant notifications appearing when the same person keeps going between online and offline. If I want to play with someone online, I'll actively looking for them on my online friends list, so it's not something I miss at all. I think a happy medium would be the ability to toggle this option on or off, that way the user has the choice. The fact that you can do something doesn't mean everyone wants to. Surely, "for the players" must imply there is some choice available or customisation of features?



chazaroonie commented on Round Up: Far Cry 4 PS4 Reviews Scale the High...:

Really enjoy the articles you have been putting up on release day giving a flavour of the initial reviews. I was hoping you do one for this, I'm hoping to buy it soon. Can't wait to hear your impressions too. I look forward to the Push Square review.



chazaroonie commented on Injustice, inFAMOUS: First Light, and More Com...:

I'm pleased with this, I think it will go some way to appease the indie haters and people unhappy about DRIVECLUB PS+. I also like the way Sony has announced three months worth of PS+ in advance. I hope this is a trend that continues.



chazaroonie commented on DriveClub Developer to Roll Out New Game Updat...:

Well tonight's update won't download for me. I'm connected to PSN and seem to have access to all the PSN features but the update keeps failing. It's really annoying, as it won't let me use any of the club cars until the update has completed. It's one issue after another with this game. It's a real shame because when it's working properly, it's a nice little racing game. Come on Evolution, pull your finger out!



chazaroonie commented on DisasterClub? Sony Delays DriveClub: PS Plus E...:

@Munkyknuts I had the 48k ZX Spectrum + and it was amazing. Loved playing things like Horace goes skiing, dizzy and postman pat. It really shows how games have come along when you see today's technology in action. However, the debacle that is going on with DC isn't impressing anyone. And to think I used to moan about waiting up to 10 mins for a cassette tape to load up my games. Delays and server issues? Come back blurry borders and annoying sounds while loading commences, all is forgiven. 😆



chazaroonie commented on Desperate for a Legendary Engram in Destiny? Y...:

I've picked up three legendary engrams so far doing this and countless decoherant engrams, unfortunately they only rewarded me with rare items. The best thing about this farming method though are the rewards for upgrading your cryptarch rank. I only have one legendary item, a scout rifle (not my weapon of choice), and this is how I obtained it. You also get glimmer and maybe a couple of strange coins too. To those who say it's cheating, I would counter by saying its grinding, but with a higher success rate than standard play.



chazaroonie commented on Destiny's Impossible Raid Can Be Beaten in Und...:

@teknium_ I agree with your sentiments regarding gaming of yesteryear. I too discussed games on the spectrum and Commodore 64 and there was no malice towards rival systems. It all started with Sega vs Nintendo but even then it was largely in good humour. The hatred from some in the gaming community spread by trolls and the like is very disappointing. Maybe I'm getting cantankerous in my old age but spreading the love is more rewarding than spreading the hate.

Regarding Destiny, I'm loving it, despite its flaws! Most fun I've had with a game in a while. I can see why some people don't think it's great, but surely even the most ardent naysayers should be able to acknowledge that it has some merit.



chazaroonie commented on Review: Destiny (PlayStation 4):

@ShogunRok Well written and considered review, an enjoyable read.

Yes there are flaws in Destiny but its a he'll of a lot of fun. I've not played as much as I'd like yet but intend to put plenty of hours in over the next week or so. I think the game will evolve over time and not just with DLC. I anticipate occasional updates to tweak gameplay and possibly the addition of a chat feature with non-fireteam members, something I've heard a lot of criticism about. I think an 8 is a spot on score, I don't think it will keep me playing for months on end but certainly until the next slew of releases is upon us.



chazaroonie commented on Poll: What Are Your First Impressions of Desti...:

My copy is due in the post in the morning. Tomorrow is my girlfriend's birthday though, so I'll have to wait til tater in the week to delve into Destiny proper. I have next week off work though so will spend plenty of time with it then. My little brother is buying the Destiny PS4 bundle this week too so I'm really looking forward to joining a fireteam with him. It seems like forever since the beta finished, can't wait to see what the full game has to offer.



chazaroonie commented on Destiny's Live Action Trailer is About as Chee...:

A bit of cheese with tongue in cheek never hurt anyone. At least there is no Stallone or Van Damme voice over to give a cheese overload. Plus Immigrants Song is definitely a classic, cant beat a bit of Led Zepp. Really looking forward to Tuesday, after enjoying the Alpha and the Beta, I can't wait to dive into the game proper.



chazaroonie commented on Talking Point: Is Indie Becoming a Defunct, Di...:

Why not use the term "independent"? it's the same word but not shortened, gives a more professional feel in my opinion, which could change people's perceptions. The idea that anyone in theory can publish a game is great and Sony supporting this is great. It should be embraced not derided. I think people have high expectations with PS+ now because the PS3 and Vita IGC titles pre PS4 were much higher value when new. Sony has kind of made a rod for its own back by giving away lower cost PS4 titles as part of the IGC when on earlier generations the offers seemed better value. I think if they released a full price PS4 launch title every two or three months it would appease many of the haters.



chazaroonie commented on The Last of Us' Movie Adaptation Will Change T...:

@Longaway Apologies, I've not seen any interviews with him saying that. Honestly, I'm a touch disappointed to discover that he has actively written her specifically as a lesbian. I think it's nicer for the player to make their own mind up. That way it adds to the whole mystery and from my point of view the enjoyment. Saying that though, gamers can be a notoriously demanding audience, with some wanting to know every facet and minute detail of a character's back story rather than taking what they want to from the experience.



chazaroonie commented on The Last of Us' Movie Adaptation Will Change T...:

@Longaway I think whether or not Ellie is gay makes no difference to the story. Plus I don't think you can definitively say that she is. Clearly she loved Riley, but it does not necessarily follow that it was a sexual love. In the situation they were facing, in a post apocalyptic world, I believe that a platonic love could be equally as strong. I also firmly believe any lesbian connotations are deliberately ambiguous so the player can make their own mind up.



chazaroonie commented on Soapbox: Why Destiny Still Has a Lot to Prove ...:

Really interesting read this article, I have to admit I share many of Sammy's views on the game. I played the alpha and was blown away! However, after the beta I must admit I was less enthused. Don't get me wrong, I have no intention of cancelling my pre-order and am confident that I will enjoy the game and spend plenty of time with it. I just don't think that it will give me the same thrill that games such as the Mass Effect series or Skyrim. The co-op mulitiplayer element is probably the main reason I'll keep playing the game because at the end of the day it's enjoyable to play. While I don't think Destiny will be as important as the previously mentioned classics, there is the potential for sequels to get close. Obviously my opinions are based on a snapshot of the full release, I may be wrong and Destiny could be the next big thing. I'd love it if that were to happen.



chazaroonie commented on Weirdness: Garrus, What Are You Doing in Docto...:

@get2sammyb it is only a glimpse and is pretty dark, so the actual resemblance to Garrus may only be minor. Not long to wait though for clarification, the series begins soon. It must be difficult to create new alien beings though these days, as so much has been done already that creators are bound to take inspiration from pre existing source material.

@ShogunRok slightly off topic yes, but a Mass Effect game set up like Destiny? Wow!!!! Let's hope BioWare is paying attention prior to the release of the next iteration of the series.



chazaroonie commented on Guide: How to Get into the Destiny Beta on PS4:

I've pre ordered my copy from Amazon and was told I'd get my beta code. However, I am yet to receive an email with it included. I know the beta doesn't start till next week, but should I be concerned that I've not received my code yet?



chazaroonie commented on 196,999,314 Things Were Killed in Destiny's PS...:

I must have bumped off in excess of 1,000 enemies during my time with the alpha, I kept seeing a tally every now and then, which told me how many out of 500 of that particular enemy I'd killed. I'm sure many people got to the 500 target for the number of denizens slaughtered during their playthrough. Put a pre order in yesterday so I'll be playing the beta next month, hope to see many of you there.



chazaroonie commented on First Impressions: Testing the Hype in Destiny...:

@Ginkgo I wasn't really excited about Destiny at all but I got an email about the alpha test and applied. I got the code and downloaded the game on Friday and have been hooked all weekend. I'm genuinely surprised how much I liked the game after having such low expectations. It's just so smooth and even though it fuses already familiar gameplay mechanics together feels fresh and I am definitely ready to put a pre order in. I highly recommend this, even to those who don't consider themselves very good at FPS games. I loved it and rarely win online Killzone or Call of Duty matches. Plus its not all competitive multiplayer anyway, there is plenty of co-op action and you can even play solo and ignore the other players present in your world as its so vast. I am looking forward to getting some friends together with headsets and spending some serious time exploring the solar system with them. Next gen is starting to produce glimpses the experiences so many anticipated and I'm very happy about it.



chazaroonie commented on First Impressions: Testing the Hype in Destiny...:

@get2sammyb @k_andersen I'm generally not very good at multiplayer FPS games either but I really enjoyed my time with the game. The shooting mechanics are really smooth and it all feels very natural. Like Sammy, I wasn't sure about this one before this weekend. Now though I'm completely sold. It reminds me of a cross between far cry and mass effect but looks like it may be bigger than both in terms of content. Roll on September for the full release. I can't wait.



chazaroonie commented on The Exclusive PS4 Destiny Alpha Will Keep You ...:

I loved my time with tha alpha. It's made my mind up about the full release. I was a bit unsure but playing the game has made me want to keep playing, keep levelling up, keep exploring. I was extremely impressed with the quality of what we got to see. I just want more....



chazaroonie commented on Flash the Cash! Sony Discounts Hundreds of PS4...:

@ztpayne7 I got it free with PS+ this month so was a touch surprised to see that discount.

It's a real shame the PS4 discounts aren't more significant. I was really pleased when the cost of Tomb Raider and Thief was slashed to 50% and would lap up similar discounts in future.



chazaroonie commented on First Impressions: Murdered: Soul Suspect Make...:

This looks intriguing but I think I'll check out the reviews before making a decision. I liked LA Noire but didn't love it and I worry that this may be too similar, other than the supernatural elements of course. The premis seems reasonably original though so it may be worth a closer look.



chazaroonie commented on Feature: 12 PS3 Hits We'd Like to See Remaster...:

With PlayStation Now on the horizon, I'm not sure we need a glut of last gen games updating. I'd rather sequels to the great PS3 games or new IPs. I did buy the discounted Tomb Raider from the PS store last weekend as it was half price, but I'd not played the PS3 version (even though it was free with PS+). I don't care if games are Indies or AAA titles, as long as they are quality. I just want to have new "next gen" experiences on my new console.



chazaroonie commented on Feature: 11 Games We Want to Play with PS4's V...:

@MadchesterManc WW2 flight sim would be ace. Even something like pilot wings, the old N64 game would work well. I do think driveclub may be impressive too. Just something that could give the impression of speed and motion that could take you away from reality for a while. I know that most games do that but with VR, you really would be stepping into a new world, quite literally.



chazaroonie commented on Talking Point: What Are You Playing This Weeke...:

My pre-order of inFAMOUS: Second Son didn't arrive yesterday so I picked up Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes for £24 in Tesco which kept me entertained last night and this morning. Now my pre order has finally arrived I'm going into the world of Seattle to test out my smoke and neon powers for the rest of the weekend.



chazaroonie commented on Rumour: Titanfall 2 Takes One Robotic Stride C...:

They would be crazy to overlook PlayStation platforms with the sequel. This is a game that I think a good percentage of PlayStation owners would want to get involved with. The money MS would have to spend to keep it "exclusive" would be ludicrous. Plus the developers were shocked and by all accounts pretty annoyed at the decision to omit PlayStation completely with this iteration.



chazaroonie commented on Rumour: Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark S...:

Ha ha, I can't get "the touch" out of my head now. Oh the memories of watching the original Transformers the movie in the cinema as a child come flooding back. Good times, Transformers was soo good. My dad even approved of me reading the comics as they helped improve my vocabulary. The live action movies are ok. I just can't take them seriously. At least the cartoons were intentionally camp.