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What Does the PS4 Look Like Outside of Its Beautiful Black Case?

Posted by Sammy Barker

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Phew, we can’t help but feel a little hot under the collar as we write this. Wired has posted an exclusive teardown of the PlayStation 4, which includes full commentary from Yasuhiro Ootori, the director of the mechanical engineering team responsible for constructing the next generation console.

In the video found through here, the employee details every component that’s included inside the system, from the Wi-Fi antenna right through to the all-important 8GB GDDR5 RAM. He also outlines the decision to include the device’s power adapter inside its surprisingly slim chassis, as he states that employing an external brick would be an inconvenience for consumers.

Perhaps most impressive is just how tightly everything slots together. There’s not a cubic centimetre of wasted space inside the black box, and it undoubtedly wears the hallmarks of an incredibly well crafted piece of hardware. You can watch the video for yourself through here – but don't forget to come back and drool in the comments section below.


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get2sammyb said:

That video is absolutely fascinating. I've never been a 'tech head', but I'm impressed by the way in which everything slots together. It's incredible, really.



MadchesterManc said:

The way its all laid out and the design of the heating solution reminds me of the Slim Ps3 inside. Considering my slim has been going for a few years with no issues, all these rumours banding around about Ps4 overheating are unfounded to say the least when you consider the chipset in the Ps4 runs cooler too



charlesnarles said:

That was actually illuminating. I've been building PCs forever and always like to see the gutty-wutts

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