Given the launch of the Xbox One last night, we expected to crawl out of bed to a bunch of Microsoft related news – but it seems that the Redmond-based manufacturer has been gazumped by a humble PlayStation 4 talk show. A Washington-based husband and wife double-act have become Internet sensations by hosting a live call-in on The industrious twosome used the PlayStation Camera and augmented reality application The Playroom to stream to over 5,000 concurrent viewers at one point overnight.

Among those watching was PlayStation’s publisher and developer relations specialist Adam Boyes, who at one point actually phoned the show to send a message of support. “We always just thought that people would do streams," he said. “We never thought that people would do them with The Playroom.” Rumour has it that Sony Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida has also been watching, and surely it’s only a matter of time before he joins in on the fun.

Despite it being early in the morning, the couple are still streaming at the time of writing – and the calls are showing no signs of slowing down. We’re sure that Sony’s rubbing its hands together with glee right now, as this story will inevitably get picked up by the mainstream media over the coming hours. We’re just curious how many copycat chat shows will have hit the online airwaves by tonight. Surely this is just the start of a new PlayStation pastime...