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This Man Knows More About Uncharted PS4 Than You Do

Posted by Sammy Barker

Sequel's supposedly a humdinger

We’ve tried our best to decipher Naughty Dog’s recent Uncharted PS4 teaser trailer, but there’s only so much information that you can glean from a 30-second clip of a map. Sadly, the Californian developer has hinted that we won’t be seeing any more of the upcoming exclusive for some time – but it seems that voice actor Todd Stashwick can’t resist teasing while we wait.

Posting on his official Twitter account earlier in the week, the CSI: Miami star uploaded a so-called selfie of his motion capture suit. “The guts, the glamour, the glory that is Uncharted PS4,” the actor said. He followed up the message with an image of a dummy clutching an apple and an assault rifle, before stressing that director Amy Hennig has “written a humdinger”. Now you're excited, aren't you?

There’s still no word on whether Nolan North will reprise his role as the buccaneering Nathan Drake, but we’ll be willing to eat our shiny new PlayStation 4 with a pair of chop-sticks if he doesn’t put in an appearance at all. Despite the developer’s aforementioned comments, we’re secretly hoping that we get a proper look at this game during next week’s VGX Awards. Don’t break tradition, guys.


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Shellybird27 said:

There wouldn't be uncharted without Drake, that would be preposterous, no way that Drake wont be playable in some fashion. Maybe play as Drake and the new guy? Like a mission with Drake, then new guy and so on..



Gamer83 said:

It's Naughty Dog, I trust whatever they do will be great. If it means playing as a different character, I'm fine with that, as @Grockumus posted, it'd be a nice change of pace. inFamous: Second Son has a new lead but still seems to retain that inFamous look and feel. Assassin's Creed has also shown you can change characters up and still put out a great product that's true to the series. I'm sure they'll find a way to work Drake into this though, he's a PlayStation icon.



ratboy1983 said:

i think u are going to play multiple characters in the single player of new uncharted if u noticed on last of us u swap characters so i think they should have drake he is the best character and it wont be the same without him and sully

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