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PayPal Payment Option Added to the PlayStation 3

Posted by Kell Andersen

It's about time

The lack of PayPal support on the PlayStation 3 is one of life’s greatest mysteries. Users have been utilising the online payment service to add funds to their Sony Entertainment Network wallets through the browser-based store for months now, but the service has been curiously absent on the company's black box itself.

Any festering grudges can now be put to bed, though, as it seems that the long-running absence has been addressed. A post on the PlayStation Blog has confirmed that, starting today in North America, you'll be able to add any amount between $5 and $150 to your virtual balance via the console.

This news should come as a welcome relief to those of you without access to a credit card – especially if you're too lazy to purchase PlayStation Network vouchers. But what about you – is this the announcement that you’ve been waiting for? Have you been begging Sony to add PayPal support for years? Scream and shout in the comments section below.



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Epic said:

Its about damn time.
Its really hard to get PS Credit or make proper PS Store purchases without an International Credit Card but it looks like thats a problem from the past.

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