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Rumour: Sony Wants the 'Net to Put Jodie Holmes' Clothes Back On

Posted by Sammy Barker

Think of the children

Considering director David Cage’s penchant for the odd shower scene, it was always inevitable that someone figured out how to strip Beyond: Two Souls protagonist Jodie Holmes down to her birthday suit. While the recent release's customary cleaning sequence is tastefully handled in the main campaign, one debug-owning video game voyeur managed to manipulate the title’s camera – and get a good look at actress Ellen Page’s digital assets in the process.

Now it seems that platform holder Sony’s sending out notices to sites that hosted the images in an effort to clamp down on the leaked shots. Eskimo Press claims that it was contacted by SCEE earlier today, and told to remove the pictures from its website. It states that it never actually hosted the saucy snaps, but instead posted a link to them – which it has now deleted.

This isn’t the first time that a nudity glitch has landed developer Quantic Dream in hot water, as the retail version of Heavy Rain actually shipped with a bug that allowed you to play as one of its main characters in an exposed state. Of course, the big difference here is that the studio’s now working with Hollywood talent, who may not take too kindly to images of their undressed alter egos being passed around the Internet...


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Gemuarto said:

If you have hacked PS3, you can play version of the game without those moronic black lines in top and bottom of the screen, and see her OO in shower scene.



Squiggle55 said:

If I was an actress in this game I would be furious that they go through the trouble of programming me naked in the first place. If it isn't part of the game there's no need for it to even be created or in the code. Except for the programmers to have something fun to play with on their computer.



Brotagonist said:

What was the point of making a nude texture in the first place? Did they just HAVE to go the extra mile for authenticity or something?



Squiggle55 said:

Even though it's a shower scene, I'm still confused as to why there is information on the disc that isn't being shown in the game. Why did those camera angles or whatever even need to be on the disc.



Savino said:

@Gemuarto but you can make a full body model without using full body textures! I mean, whats the point in making the nipples if they arent shown anytime?!
The hero in heavy rain had a full modeled penis!!!

The only answer I can think of is: Cage is a pervert!!! Lol



charlesnarles said:

Without prompting any image searches, is their map of her really so accurate in that regard that she's upset? And if so, she thinks we don't hack? It's essentially softcore, dude. I'm just at a loss over what she was thinking by doing it in the first place. (Who even cares, btw? : )



BlueProxy said:

So why does Cage need to have a nude shower scene in his games to begin with... for the Adult rating? Their pointless.



Gemuarto said:

@Savino Naked body is common thing for artists. They draw and sculpt it all the time. Also, I told before, that game actually renders her nipples in full 720p. Those black lines are post effect and there is no actual reason for them to exist. So maybe nipples meant to be seen at first.



Reverend_Skeeve said:

Indeed one has to wonder why they built the complete model of her in the first place when they never intended to show her fully nude. Although I think that this are not her actual breasts, but an imagination of how they look. I can't see the devs go "Uhm, Ellen, could you just step naked into the 3D scanner, just to get everything absolutely right...we won't show 'em ever, promised!"...or Ellen agree to this, even if the devs tried to lure her into a nude full body scan.

Nonetheless, I can see why Ms. Page would want to have the pics taken down...but it was clear that this nude hack would happen...if there's nudity in a game, one of the millions of tech geeks out there on teh webz will find a way to show it.



baconcow said:

I am not sure why others cannot understand that this was just a publicity stunt. If they didn't want the breasts to be viewed, they would have left the front of her body without any textures. This is working in the favour of the developers and I am sure it will increase interest in this game and sales of this game.



Imagremlin said:

Clearly a publicity stunt. No reason to have textures on that side. Remember when someone hacked Dead or Alive Extreme Volleyball to remove the swimsuits? What did they find? Strategic little stars.



Gamer83 said:

I'd imagine most game studios go by the theory that all publicity is good publicity.



TE5LA said:

All a big publicity stunt. Do you recall a few weeks back when Page was "complaining" about this game using an apparent likeness of herself and was considering suing? The game denying that it was modeled after her? And then we find she was hired to do the modeling and voice overs.

Paper thin.

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