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Guide: How to Make Easy RP in Grand Theft Auto Online

Posted by Ben Potter

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Levelling up in Grand Theft Auto Online can be a really tedious, frustrating grind, especially given the availability of uninteresting missions and the noticeable lack of the much-anticipated heists. Fortunately for you, sneaky Internet folk have uncovered a way to make everything a little easier for you as we demonstrate in the handy video below.

If you prefer the old-fashioned text-based approach to guides, this post outlines the step-by-step process to racking up fat stacks of RP. Firstly, select a race entitled 'Criminal Records'. It's an incredibly easy and short race that can be completed in less than two minutes if you select the right car – we recommend the Entity XF.

Ensuring that you opt to do a three-lap race, you must aim to make your first lap your slowest, then beat it the second and third time around. For some unknown reason you get a huge RP boost for beating your previous record – something that's surely due to be patched out eventually. It doesn't matter what position you come in, just as long as you beat your previous lap, and as it's a race, you can elect to restart it at will.

As we mentioned, this is likely going to be right at the top of the list of bugs that Rockstar will be looking to stamp out, so jump in while you can, make the most of it, and you'll soon be flying up the ranks.


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Scollurio said:

Again... why would anyone who enjoys the game want to do that as it robs you of the actual gameplay and satisfaction of "getting there"?



Alpha said:

@Scollurio Trophy Hunters or people that want to do more seeing how the only way you can do certain things is if you rank up.



Scollurio said:

Yeah but wouldn't be exploiting a loophole over and over again more grundy than actually playing the game and do the rank up just "besides it" automatically? Anyways, different strokes for different folks I guess.



dudeware said:

Cool, I would do this if I hadn't of gotten bored of online already. Oh well hopefully when they give out the $250,000 it will bring me back. But if that's after the PS4 drops then I won't be playing that game ever again.

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