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North American Consumers Pick PS4 As Their Christmas Console

Posted by Sammy Barker

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While the PlayStation 3 has never really been a slouch in North America, it’s been consistently outsold by both the Xbox 360 and, for much of the generation, the Nintendo Wii. The tables could be about to turn in Microsoft’s strongest territory, though, as the upcoming PlayStation 4 is currently tracking above the Xbox One in North American consumer polls. We suspect that SCEA president Jack Tretton’s jamming Gangnam Style somewhere deep within the company’s head office as we type.

According to a Reuters survey conducted online last week, 26 per cent of those questioned say that they are likely to buy a PS4 when it launches, while just 15 per cent feel the same about the Xbox One. The gap increases when looking at the data of those aged under 40-years-old, as 41 per cent of the respondents plumped up for Sony’s system, against just 27 per cent for the Microsoft machine. That’s quite a difference – particularly in the Redmond-based manufacturer’s so-called stronghold.

Of course, it’s far too early to put up the bunting and declare the PS4 the king of the console war. While it’s clear that the Japanese giant has got off to a roaring start, we’re not convinced that Microsoft is going to let the firm take control of its home market without a fight. How do you think that the impending generation’s going to play out? Do you expect any big twists over the coming months? Let us know in the comments section below.


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rjejr said:

Which of these 3 just doesn't belong here:

Chia pet
Wii U
Pet rock

The Wii U, b/c people liked and bought the other two.



Squiggle55 said:

@rjejr I don't think I'm ready to write-off the Wii U. I'm even tempted to invest in Nintendo a little bit at the moment. At the very least I'm very interested to see how Super Mario 3D World, Mario Kart, Donkey Kong, and Wii Fit U change Nintendo's fortunes. And then of course Smash Bros. will really shake things up. And then, let's say the Wii U is still lagging way behind all the way through 2014. Can you imagine how many people are going to buy the thing just so they can play the next gen Zelda?



charlesnarles said:

Ms has to have something up their sleeves in terms of new hardware or something as reportedly original as kinnect. But who cares; Sony is working on new peripherals too, baby.



Squiggle55 said:

Sony is hitting all the right buttons. They have remote play, they have the indies, they're cheaper and more powerful. Playstation TV is going to give us tv channels on our PS4. They're giving us a virtual reality headset. I can't think of anything else I could want. If Sony gets Disney on board with Playstation TV in order to include ESPN, then I will be completely out of needs.



rjejr said:

@Squiggle55 - I think a lot of people who would buy a Wii U for the next Zelda already own one. And I'm not sure another cartoon Zelda is going to cut it either.

Nintendo has some good games coming up but Im really not feeling it like I should be. They just seem to refuse to advertise. TV commercials are nonexistent. PS4 has all the attention but Nintendo has the price and they just won't do anything. Nintendo Directs arent going to cut it unless they run them prime time on the Cartoon Network. .



Imagremlin said:

I'd agree that the war is far from over. However, XBox Juan has a very uphill battle. Right now, it looks like the weaker device with the most expensive useless mandatory peripheral. Sort of a death knell in the enthusiast market.

Whilst its true that the Wii dominated with inferior technology, it was due to extremely clever marketing. The XBox brand does not lend itself to such strategies.

My money is on Sony this time around



JaxonH said:

PS3 had a rocky start for 2 years, yet went on to great success as an extremely viable platform. Nintendo Wii didn't truly blast off the launch-pad until around 2008-2009, and while sales were never horrible, they didn't truly take off until NSMB Wii debuted. The DS didn't start selling heavily until after its first year on the market, yet went on to become the best-selling gaming device of all time. The 3DS was a complete mis-fire, prompting a price cut of 30% within months of launch, and yet, has gone on to become the fastest-selling gaming device to reach 30 million units, and is currently the number one selling gaming device in the world.

Wii U has had a particularly trying first year, but considering the circumstances (lack of software, lack of advertising), and the fact that all the consoles mentioned above ALSO went through sluggish sales periods (both the PS3 and 3DS were written off completely- people said Sony should just give up and make a new console, and we all know about the 3DS and how it was "doomed for sure" by every major publication on the internet), it's actually not that surprising Wii U's sales slowed to a crawl after it's launch (and it DID have an amazing launch, no doubt there).

Now, if in 2 years time the Wii U is still without momentum or traction, after a hefty number of quality games have been released, advertising ran, and price drops implemented, then it'll be fair to call it what it is (which still wouldn't be the end of the world for Nintendo, they'd get another fresh shot the following gen). But considering most consoles I mentioned took 2-3 years before really reaching critical mass, I think it's a tad unfair to dismiss the Wii U in less than 1 year. They still have time to turn things around. Even the Vita, which has been out almost twice as long as Wii U, is by no means "doomed"

This happens every single time a console launches- great launch, sluggish sales for a year or two, then console picks up momentum and goes on to great success. Wii U might not go on to break any sales records, but I certainly don't think it'll end a disaster...

As for your comment about Nintendo not advertising and Sony getting all the attention, the attention Sony is getting is from the user base that was always going to purchase a PS4. I do agree that Nintendo could be marketing the Wii U a little better, but ads have definitely ramped up lately. I see Zelda Windwaker ads all over youtube, gaming sites, you name it. Word of mouth is what will advertise the Wii U, and that takes time. But word is finally starting to spread- just in the last week, 3 separate co-workers of mine purchased a Wii U. That's A LOT!

And by the way, many people don't buy a console until a game comes out on it they really like and want, or until a decent library has been established, or until a price drop is implemented, or until they can find a good sale. Me and you are birds of a different feather. We're hardcore gamers, and we buy our consoles upfront because we know the games will come. But I've heard countless gamers say "I'm buying one when Smash Bros 4 releases", or "when Mario Kart 8 releases", or "when X releases", or "Bayonetta 2", or "after the price drops", or whatever. And even others will decide to buy one down the line- people who don't know they want one right now, but will decide they want one after they see all the games for it (many people don't stay in the loop like us, and might not actually see all the games out until this Black Friday, or next spring, or whenever. So new people are constantly realizing that they do in fact want to buy one.

On a final note, they've already stated the new Zelda will have an art-style adapted and expounded upon from Skyward Sword, but, even if they did do another "toon Link" Zelda, I don't see what would be wrong with that. People love The Windwaker, including myself. The art style is amazing, and another entry in the series with this artstyle would be more than welcome by me and millions of others. There's nothing wrong with stylizing the game over going for realism.



rjejr said:

@JaxonH -

1st - sorry it took me so long to reply (just signed a $6900 bathroom remodel contract and found out my shoulder has bursitis, tendinitis and inflammation of the rotary cuff so I've been distracted).

2nd - sorry about the DKC:TF delay (which looks weird posted on PS)

3rd - " Nintendo Wii didn't truly blast off the launch-pad until around 2008-2009, and while sales were never horrible, they didn't truly take off until NSMB Wii debuted."

I agree w/ everything else you said except this part. The Wii could not be found on a store shelf or a website retailer anywhere for 2 full years after it launched. It was nearly impossible to find, so it did take off immediately.

My concern for the Wii U is my lack of sense of general public knowledge. It has games, it has price, but nobody knows it exists. The Wii was everywhere. Those people playing tennis on stage at E3 was a cultural phenomenon. Wii U has bupkis. And the 3DS has far less competition.

Not saying it will fail, but its 60-40 the wrong way. And I guess it depends on the definition of failure. Did the N64 or Gamecube fail? I think the Wii U will sell more than either of those, there are more people in the world and China is letting it in, where many of them live. but it won't sell as well as PS4 or X1, so Nintnedo will go from 1st to 3rd place in the home console market. And for some people that would be failure. (For the Yankees 3rd place is failure, for the Mets 3rd wasn't so bad. 33-48 @home sucked though)

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