While the PlayStation 3 has never really been a slouch in North America, it’s been consistently outsold by both the Xbox 360 and, for much of the generation, the Nintendo Wii. The tables could be about to turn in Microsoft’s strongest territory, though, as the upcoming PlayStation 4 is currently tracking above the Xbox One in North American consumer polls. We suspect that SCEA president Jack Tretton’s jamming Gangnam Style somewhere deep within the company’s head office as we type.

According to a Reuters survey conducted online last week, 26 per cent of those questioned say that they are likely to buy a PS4 when it launches, while just 15 per cent feel the same about the Xbox One. The gap increases when looking at the data of those aged under 40-years-old, as 41 per cent of the respondents plumped up for Sony’s system, against just 27 per cent for the Microsoft machine. That’s quite a difference – particularly in the Redmond-based manufacturer’s so-called stronghold.

Of course, it’s far too early to put up the bunting and declare the PS4 the king of the console war. While it’s clear that the Japanese giant has got off to a roaring start, we’re not convinced that Microsoft is going to let the firm take control of its home market without a fight. How do you think that the impending generation’s going to play out? Do you expect any big twists over the coming months? Let us know in the comments section below.

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