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Weirdness: This Mass Effect Dress Is the Best Outfit on the Citadel

Posted by Sammy Barker

FemShep would be proud

Video game shirts are great and all, but they pale in comparison to Black Milk Clothing’s awesome range of Mass Effect-themed outfits and accessories. The Australian boutique designer launched a line of licensed Mass Effect garments overnight, and they’re pretty much our favourite threads on the Citadel. Yeah, we know that we’ve used that joke already. Sorry.

The range includes everything from N7-branded dresses and leggings, to Tali’Zorah vas Normandy swimsuits and more. Not only are they incredibly nerdy, but they actually look surprisingly awesome. “We think that if you're going to love something, love [it] passionately, and wear it on your sleeve as much as possible – or on your legs, if you can,” said Black Milk’s Alex Cato.

There’s tons more information on Polygon. If you’re interested in purchasing one of the designs, you can do so via the Brisbane-based firm’s website. Each garment is made to order, which is pretty impressive. The company also produces Star Wars, Alice in Wonderland, and Lord of the Rings clothing. Neat, huh?


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ShogunRok said:

@MadchesterManc My wife will wear this one day as we sit and play Mass Effect 3 co-op together while living on a space colony, mark my words.

Anyway, I love the design. I want an N7 tuxedo.



Ginkgo said:

And here I was wondering what to get my wife for her birthday...

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