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Weirdness: Even the President of Sony's Worldwide Studios Needs Some Sleep

Posted by Sammy Barker


Moments after stealing the show at GamesCom 2013, Sony livestreamed a roundtable session with a slew of notable PlayStation developers, including Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida. Sadly, it seems that the impact of the show – and travelling halfway around the world – took its toll on the popular executive, as he was caught enjoying forty winks while Quantic Dream founder David Cage prattled on about the PlayStation 4.

To be fair to the straight-talking suit, he does spend more of his time on Twitter than he does in bed. Can we all agree that poor Yoshida deserves a nice long holiday after the PS4 deploys? He's earned it, after all.


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ShogunRok said:

I would have been asleep too, having to listen to Cage go on and on and on and on and on and on and



Gamer83 said:

I know how he feels. That was me yesterday while watching Sony's conference.



Snkfiend said:

@Gamer83 Same hearing you complain about the same stuff we know already about your damn opinion ok. If I was in the same position and I know I have NO hope for a company that isn't getting me the games I want I'll just cancel my preorder and get a XBone/Wii U and leave at that rather than complaining about Indie PS games and what they isn't showing and praising the XBone exclusives. I as well was disappointed too but the same time XBone my opinion has no showing of games either so to say I'm happy of the games I preordered and I have patience.



Gamer83 said:


Well nobody is forcing you to read my comments and I'll express my damn opinion all I want when I'm paying for a product. Xbox One isn't an option because I refuse to pay more than a baseline of $400 for a console and Wii U doesn't have a ton of games I'm looking forward to. I figure Sony will step its game up but I don't want to wait three years for my purchase to pay off like what happened with PS3.



Snkfiend said:

I understand that but you are making a scene about nothing and i'm sorry about my comments seems forced but alot of people looks like they lost faith of Sony over one meeting. I was in the same position with the Wii U when I bought it and I was very disappointed with the games that I like aren't coming and guess what I payed full price too and I felt like Nintendo wasn't giving me what I wanted either so I sold It with the 360 to get the PS4 (Console Deals). And I never complained or looked back but I want to try again later and buy the Will U when the system get more games thats in my liking. So I feel your pain over the travesty of PS Gamescom I wish they can present more for your purchase but me I'm happy with the games I preordered for now.

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