If you’ve been sulking like a Twilight star over Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – Mirror of Fate’s exclusivity on the Nintendo 3DS, you may be tempted to flash your pointed teeth at the news that an upgraded version of the handheld title is heading to the PlayStation Network. The port – which has been rumoured longer than Dracula himself – was revealed on publisher Konami’s official Facebook page earlier today.

Specific details are scarce, but the re-release’s due out on 31st October in North America. Last week, Play-Asia listed a product page for a Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Collection, which seems more likely than ever now. The compilation will supposedly comprise the original gothic adventure and all of its DLC, in addition to the aforementioned Mirror of Fate HD. Don’t be surprised if this gets officially announced at GamesCom later in the week.

Despite starting life on a portable, though, there’s no word on the former 3DS exclusive coming to the PlayStation Vita. Posed with the inevitable query on Twitter, Head of UK Studio Dave Cox noted that there are “no plans” to port the title to Sony’s struggling system. Yeah, we can feel the red mist approaching, too.

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