Fresh from irritating the entirety of the Internet with its reimagining of Devil May Cry, divisive developer Ninja Theory is recruiting for a brand new blockbuster project. Last week, the Cambridge-based outfit revealed that it was on the lookout for fresh blood, and it’s since followed up with a slew of job listings on its official website.

According to the senior designer role, the firm is looking for somebody with “experience working on a product featuring shooting, melee combat, or stealth mechanics”. It adds that candidates must have “knowledge of the game design development process gained from working on multiple shipped titles, ideally of a recognised AAA standard.”

The other roles make similar requests, with the lead character artist page specifically listing experience with the Unreal Development Kit. The numerous references to Epic’s graphics technology have prompted some to assume that the company’s next project will run on Unreal Engine 4, which would make sense considering Ninja Theory’s catalogue.

Of course, there’s no hint as to what the project could be. The most obvious answer would be a DmC sequel, but we’re not sure that the title sold well enough to warrant another entry. Some pundits have taken the “stealth mechanics” reference to mean some kind of Metal Gear Solid remake, but that seems extremely unlikely. We guess that we’ll just have to wait and see.