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Watch Dogs Multiplayer Enjoys a Futuristic Game of Cat and Mouse

Posted by Sammy Barker

Hack attack

The first multiplayer footage from upcoming PlayStation 4 launch title Watch Dogs has leaked. The component appears to take place solely in the game's open world, and sees you attempting to download data from a random target. Unfortunately, your subject will know that you’re trying to hack them, and will come looking for you the moment that you initiate the procedure.

It definitely seems like a fascinating idea, and could be especially enjoyable if it’s seamlessly integrated into the single player gameplay. Ubisoft’s yet to actually acknowledge the video, but we’re sure that it will have some official details to share soon.

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The3DSisMINE said:

It almost feels like it has a bit of Assassin's Creed Multi in it. I very excited for this game now



ShogunRok said:

Am I the only one who's seriously underwhelmed by this? When they first showed that footage of the guy running off across the rooftops back when we initially saw Watch Dogs, it seemed like it would play a much bigger role than this. Maybe they had to cut it back?

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