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ASDA: PlayStation 4 Release Date Is 'Merely An Estimation'

Posted by Sammy Barker

As you were, then

Despite teasing a 2013 release for the PlayStation 4 in the UK this morning, ASDA has told us that it’s merely predicting when the console will release. “We have had no confirmation from Sony,” a spokesperson said. “This is merely an estimation, and we look forward to hearing a confirmed release date soon.”

In a press release issued earlier today, the supermarket suggested that the next generation system will “hit UK stores at the end of this year”. Sadly, it seems like we’ll have to keep waiting to see if that’s actually the case. Sony’s promised that the console will launch in at least one territory in 2013 – let’s hope that it can manage more than that so that no one’s left out in the lurch.

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Holyfire said:

I've left countless rants all over the net scorning all this hype about PS4. After a few months of the world cheering, now watch as the bad news starts hitting and reality starts setting in.
When PS4 launches, later than expected, at higher prices than expected, with more launch faults and woes expected..WiiU can ride on happily having passed its launch phase and had its naunces settled out
Not to mention M'soft still has something up its sleeve. Sony will face brutal competition. Maybe time is coming for ppl to settle down and cease the laughter declaring Sonys 'inevitable victory' hmm?



get2sammyb said:

@Holyfire I'm not sure anyone expects Sony's "inevitable victory". I think people are just looking forward to a new PlayStation and some new games. I'm sure there'll be plenty of negative news to come...



InsertNameHere said:

@Holyfire While most of what you said is actually possible, it seems like you're working under the assumption that Sony promised a system with no launch issues. Most of the people talking about Sony's impending more than likely already know that the PS4 will have issues at launch, but that won't deter people from buying one early.

Of course Microsoft has something up it's sleeve. Everyone is waiting for some news on what to expect from the NeXbox, but Microsoft refuses to give them any information. Recently, some guy from Microsoft (can't remember his name) was on Twitter talking about how he didn't see why a always on console would be a bad thing. Microsoft still hasn't come out and said anything about it, which is causing hundreds off people to jump ship. Meaning if the NeXbox requires you to constantly be online, the PS4 will really only have to compete with the Wii U.

That said, I have to agree with Sammy. People are more excited for the games. The systems features are just a bonus. Oh, and while their has been no news about a price, the same people are who leaked (very accurate) info about the PS4 prior to it's reveal, have stated that it's price will be in the $400-$429 territory. Sony themselves have stated that they can afford to be flexible with the price this time around, they're more than likely just waiting for Microsoft to move.

EDIT: Microsoft actually has made a a statement about what that Orth guy was saying.



charlesnarles said:

$420 for the 1st gen ain't so bad. (Looks at $599 fat with upgraded thermals, 1tb hdd, and full b.c.) Especially if PS4 can be upgraded as easily/effectively as 3 was for me.



Holyfire said:

In Australia, everything is more expensive. We're not the biggest market here, but pre-orders are now available for an estimated $800 odd. By comparison. The deluxe WiiU deluxe (including a decent piece of software) costs $430. Its not gonna work too well for PS4. And far more when u factor in new controllers and maybe the vita combo. $1200+ before we get started with the games here?
If I were a millionaire, Id buy everthing. But stuck to Nintendos ability to deliver its mind tearing games. particularly metroids n Zeldas. Uses the brain. And got my PC for the higher end.
PS4 will still primarily depend on dual analogue for its control scheme which for some prominent genres i.e. FPSs, isn't 'next gen', its generations old.
For anyone who hasn't truely bothered to dive into say the Metroid games for example. Cause of their stigmas on Nintendo.
Watch 'Gametrailers' ('GT')s review on "Metroid
Prime Corruption"
Thing about most Nintendo nay sayers is they'll utterly refuse to attempt a game before writing off their systems. And to me that's sad. Cause Nintendo produces some very mentally active games.
I'm 29 and I have quite a few friends at my age and younger, who are so lazy in gaming, the moment they're presented a choice or have to read/listen to 1 paragraph of game dialogue they give up.
The GTA series is one of the major coveted games on a Sony system. Nigh on every single time I've watched someeone play, its just hit the cheats and randomly drone around for hours on end..
At times I seriously don't understand some ppl and how thwy play games or what they consider entertainment..

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