Feel the power at your fingertips

UK retailer ASDA has hopped aboard the PlayStation 4 bandwagon, announcing that it is the first British supermarket to accept pre-orders for Sony’s impending system. Specialist franchise GAME is also taking deposits on the machine, but the likes of Tesco and Sainsbury’s are still twiddling their thumbs worrying about horse meat. Interestingly, the shop adds that the console is “set to hit UK stores at the end of this year”. Oh, really?

Much like GAME, ASDA is requiring a £20 reservation fee in order to secure a console. You can stump up the cash through here, or presumably in store at one of the retailer’s electrical counters. Are you planning on pre-ordering your PS4 yet, or are you waiting for more information? Let us know in the comments section below.

Update: ASDA's told us that it's had no official confirmation from Sony regarding the PS4's release date. That was fun while it lasted, though, huh?

[source direct.asda.com]