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UK Sales Charts: The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct Stumbles into Third

Posted by Sammy Barker

God of War: Ascension slips

Terminal Reality’s poorly received The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct has brought more pain and misery for Lara Croft in this week’s UK sales charts, as the first-person shooter has lurched into third position, one spot behind Crystal Dynamics’ brilliant Tomb Raider reboot. Can that girl ever catch a break?

Xbox 360 exclusive Gears of War: Judgment took the top-spot, while God of War: Ascension slipped down into sixth. The remainder of the chart was fleshed out with the usual mix of movers and shakers, with FIFA 13, Far Cry 3, and Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 all securing places in the top ten. As always, you can peruse the full list of best sellers through here.


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XCWarrior said:

Always sad when people buy games based on the name and not the quality of the product. That Walking Dead game is rubbish.



GRIFFEN14 said:

Being a huge fan of anything The Walking Dead, even I couldn't bring myself to pick it up. It's a shame to have this game be a stain on the entire series. I'm sure it will still sell loads based on only the name as I seen advertising for it during the showing of a new episode last night.



Splat said:

@GRIFFEN14 - I'm a huge TWD fan as well and could tell from the start this was going to be a quick money grab of a game.

I loved Taletell's version and they should have just left it in their capable hands.

The only way I even attempt to play Activision's version is if it ends up on PS+.



GRIFFEN14 said:

@Splat Yeah the lack of any trailers or news whatsoever until a few days before release was a sign that it was going to be crap. Activision probably saw how high the ratings were for the season 3 premiere so they wanted to quickly fire out a game while popularity was high. Even if it was free I'm not sure i could bring myself to play it judging from the gameplay I have seen on youtube.

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