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Battlefield 4 Screenshots Take Flight Ahead of Full Reveal

Posted by Sammy Barker

Deployed early

Developers should know not to upload screenshots prior to a big announcement – someone will always find them. These shots of Battlefield 4 were discovered by a slew of NeoGAF users on the series' official website. We’re guessing that they weren’t supposed to trickle free just yet. Whoops.

In truth, there’s not a whole lot of information we can derive out of the images. One shot shows a sunny construction site, complete with a flock of birds and unfinished buildings. Another screen shows a soldier writhing in the mud while explosions light up the background. It all looks pretty, but it’s not quite the leap we were expecting – especially not after seeing Killzone: Shadow Fall.

Still, we should get full details soon. EA Games is preparing to fully reveal the shooter at GDC in San Francisco later tonight. As far as we understand, the title’s due out on both the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. Let us know if you like the look of the screenshots in the comments section below.


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Epic said:

O_O Such detail damn I was starting to get sick of military shooters but damn this looks really amaizng



Epic said:

you are right didn't noticed was blinded by that sun, birds and grass but now I'm not even sure if I should get it right away, they might release a Battlefield 4 premium edition in the future just like BF3.



KAPADO said:

Not impressed with what I see, I expect a bigger jump.I'll reserve judgement



Savino said:

I will wait for the video, but so far killzone (ps4) is far more impressive!



ShogunRok said:

@get2sammyb I have to agree. The guy in the second screenshot appears to have a horrible case of 'a mannequin stole my face' - similar to what everyone in LA Noire suffered from.



Solatorobo said:

If they make it more like Battlefield 2 as opposed to 3, I'll buy it in a heartbeat.

EDIT: And what about a sequel to Battlefield 2142? That game was also great




Well, having just watched the trailer I have to say it looks good.
Running on PC, so probably what can be expected of PS4 will be very similar the game runs very nicely. I didn't play BF3 for very long, but the Frostbite engine was always impressive, and the lighting, texture, particle effects etc all look very appealing on the new game. There's a lot going on, and hopefully that stays intact and with a relatively high mp player count for the PS4 version (which hasn't actually been announced yet).

To echo the musings of many others, the next 'great' DICE game will probably be Bad Company 3 (if it ever happens), but BF4 is looking good. The PlayStation communtity will of course be behind Killzone all the way, but the heavy hitters of Battlefield and Call of Duty will be stiff competition in the multiplayer stakes.

I found Battlefield 3 to be a little 'cold' in terms of the online communtity on PS3 (many 360 friend were, and still are having a lot of fun with it), whereas Black Ops 2 was massive fun for me.

It's going to be interesting to see things play out. Killzone will be gorgeous with rich single player leanings, hopefully with a massively bolstered online portion. BF4 looks good, could have-and should have a much better single player experience than BF3, and if it incorporates similar content as the BF3 expansions with regards to vehicles will be great fun. And CoD, well, it has many detractors of course, and I was one- but BO2 was very good fun- but lacked the variety of vehicular combat. Perhaps that will be addressed, or perhaps it will be a little too similar in content as what's come before.

Killzone will be a day 1 purchase for me either way, if Guerilla can pump out stunning multiplayer, it could be enough to keep the other mp FPS games out of my collection.

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