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Crytek Resurrects Darksiders Developers with Texas Studio

Posted by Sammy Barker

Back from the brink

Darksiders may have been caught by the scythe of Death, but that’s not stopping a number of former Vigil Games employees from finding new life at Crytek USA. The Austin-based outfit, announced earlier today, represents the ninth studio in the German firm’s portfolio. Its foundation follows closely in the footsteps of Crytek Istanbul, which was revealed earlier this month.

“I’m thrilled to be a part of the newest Crytek studio, which will boast some of the brightest development talent in the industry,” said Crytek USA CEO, and former Vigil Games co-founder, David Adams.

The newly established team is thought to comprise of a slew of high ranking Vigil Games employees, as evidenced by comments made by Crytek spokesperson Jens Schafer, who described the studio as a “new start” for the former THQ staffers in an interview with Gamasutra. It’ll be interesting to see what the group end up working on over the coming years.


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hamispink said:

Now you've gotten me curious to know more about Crytek. I had no idea that they had multiple studios, let alone 9.
Also, that's great news for at least some ex-THQ employees, and best of luck to anyone else who lost their job!



ThreadShadow said:

This is what I've been hearing with my eyes around the internet.

Apparently it comprises about 35 members, all of which were former Vigil Studios staff.

I think Crytek just pulled a fast one. Crytek saved money(?) by not buying Vigil, instead opened Crytek USA (in Austin Texas), waited for Vigil to be dissolved then welcomed in as many ex-employees as possible. And put the main guy in charge of Vigil in charge of Crytek USA.

Quite sneaky!

Now, I read that Crytek is not interested in purchasing the Darksiders IP, but maybe, just maybe, might they snap up the "crawler" IP when it goes up for auction on Feb 7 (?) ?

I think it must have been a talent hunt, because I read that Nintendo snatched up a handful of Vigil employees (as well as Junction Point and Bioware employees) to beef up Retro Studios.

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