THQ's Assets Are Divided, Deep Silver Snatches Saints Row

The auction for THQ’s assets has concluded, with the publisher closing up shop as a result. After a gruelling 22 hour auction process, intermediaries decided that individual bids would net a greater cash return for the debt riddled company, resulting in the demise of the once prolific publisher. The new owners of many of the organisation's brands were detailed in an open letter sent to employees earlier today, which also thanked them for their contributions to the firm.

According to the correspondence, Saints Row is now in the possession of Dead Island publisher Deep Silver, along with the Metro license. SEGA has snapped up Warhammer 40K: Space Marine developer Relic Entertainment, while Crytek has agreed to purchase the Homefront brand. Ubisoft has picked up South Park: The Stick of Truth and Patrice Desilet’s recently founded Montreal studio, bringing the Assassin’s Creed creator full circle. Finally, Take Two has grabbed Evolve, the unannounced multiplayer title in development at Turtle Rock.

Darksiders developer Vigil Games and other “unnamed THQ properties” not included in the sale will remain a part of the chapter 11 case, though the organisation stresses that it “will make every effort to find appropriate buyers, if possible”. Naturally, our thoughts go out to all of those affected.

Update: Twitter user DDInvesting, who's been a rock solid source throughout the THQ court hearings, has posted the prices paid for the individual properties online. Here's what everything cost:

  • $500K Homefront (Crytek)
  • $26M for Relic (Sega)
  • $2.5M for THQ Montreal (Ubisoft)
  • $3.2M for South Park (Ubisoft)
  • $11M for Evolve (Take-Two)
  • $22.3M for Volition (Deep Silver)
  • $5.8M for Metro (Deep Silver)

Saints Row was an absolute bargain at $22.3 million as far as we're concerned. That franchise has a lot of life left in it.

Update 2: According to IGN, 2K Games is poised to take control of the WWE license.