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Why Is BioShock Infinite's Box Art So Bad?

Posted by Sammy Barker

It's for frat boys

BioShock Infinite’s box art is a travesty. You may not all agree – but series creator Ken Levine certainly does. Chatting with Wired about the abysmal cover image, the luminary compared the pack shot to salad dressing. Stick with us.

“There are plenty of products that I buy that I don’t spend a lot of time thinking about,” he explained. “If there’s a new salad dressing coming out, I would have no idea. I don't read Salad Dressing Weekly. I don't care who makes it, I don't know any of the personalities in the salad dressing business."

Levine elaborated that many people feel the same way about video games. “We went and did a tour around to a bunch of, like, frat houses and places like that,” he continued. “People who were gamers. Not people who read IGN. And [we] said, 'So, have you guys heard of BioShock?' Not a single one of them had heard of it.”

The developer concluded that in order to make games like BioShock Infinite a success, those types of players need to pay attention – and so the cover has to draw them in. That’s why it looks boring and safe. Don’t worry, though, there’ll be a host of alternative pack shots available for you to choose from. “The thing we’re sure about is that we’re going to be releasing a whole set of alternate covers that you can download and print,” he said. “We’re going to be working with the community to see what they’re interested in.”

We’re still reeling from the revelation that Ken Levine doesn’t read our column in Salad Dressing Weekly, but we suppose we’ll forgive him for the box art. Well, as long as he asks Santa for a certain magazine subscription this Christmas.


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rjejr said:

When you read the words "frat boys", you just know it can't be good.



FuzzyYellowBalls said:

A 2nd article on this cover?
Although, reading this one makes me have zero interest in this game now. Funny how that works. Just mentioning wanting frat members to play this game threw me off. If people like that are the desired market, it's not for me. The fact that time was wasted going around to frat houses for marketing research... pass! Yes, I loathe people like that.
And I was one of the people who didn't think it looked that bad. Old timey carnival feel. Generic, yes... but isn't that the norm?



naruball said:

Oh come, dude! What do frat boys have to do with you enjoying a video game. I like Final Fantasy games. I'm sure some criminals like them too. So what? Obviously, every gaming company wants as many sales as possible. That doesn't necessarily mean they're gonna change the gameplay or something.
Never really cared for Bioshock myself, but that's some weird logic right there, man.



Ginkgo said:

Personally I can't wait to have another game that supports the sharpshooter. Been having withdrawals lately. Bring it on.



Stuffgamer1 said:

Okay, so it should come to no surprise that I am NOT a frat boy...but I really don't see why this generic art should be expected to catch their eye. Surely frat boys are the kind of idiots who only play Madden and Call of Duty regardless?

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