Rumours suggest that the PlayStation 4 is set to launch as soon as Christmas next year, but Rockstar Games isn’t holding Grand Theft Auto V back for the next batch of hardware. The open world crime drama is set to release in Spring 2013, making it very much a PS3 title for the time being. But why is that?

"Rockstar is a content company, not a hardware company," studio co-founder Dan Houser told Famitsu, via Polygon. "We use the technology we have to create content, and we try not to let ourselves get beholden to the hardware. The fact that hardware's so mature right now is exactly why we're able to go on to the next level. Grand Theft Auto IV was our first attempt at a new platform and HD visuals, so the first part of development was seriously difficult. Now we know what the hardware's capable of, so it's become a lot easier to move things along and a lot more fun, too."

Houser added: "Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas came out at the peak of the PlayStation 2's cycle, and we put out a really good game thanks to that. All the best games for a console come out at the end of the life cycle, right? So, now's the best timing of all."

If you haven’t watched it yet, you really should check out Grand Theft Auto V’s groovy second trailer. It's guaranteed to improve your mood.