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GRID 2 Trailer Teases 8th August Reveal

Posted by Sammy Barker

Wheely good surprise

We’d heard rumours that a sequel to Codemasters’ massively popular GRID series was in development, but we never actually expected it to be announced this morning. Out of nowhere, the British publisher has released a short teaser trailer with the slogan “the race returns”.

All will be revealed on 8th August according to the clip. If you’re a fan of the previous GRID, we suspect you’re going bananas right now. This is going to be huge.

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JontheRacingMac said:

There were reumors for over 18 months... There were a lot of speculation about why there hasnt been a lead up to the multi-million selling Grid 1. Now it seems there going to do an unpredicted launch in just 6 days time? I cant see how they would "rush" out a game like Grid2 without ANY coverage at E3 or Gamescom I think we may see this Game out not in august but maybe a demo or something I cant believe that they will release it so quickly they did the same with forza 3 they teased us with things for months but I guess the trailer shows a release date so if it is true then good but im kinda thinking they havent advertised it at all and could be a bit rushed and dissapointing but I hope I am prooved wrong after all they have got a lot to live up to.



Ginkgo said:

Ah the old announcing the announcement trick. Gets me every time.

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