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Sony Bringing New PlayStation Vita Bundles to Europe

Posted by Sammy Barker

A kind of price drop

While the industry screams for a PlayStation Vita price drop, it looks like Sony's considering a different way to stimulate sales of the troubled handheld.

The platform holder announced a new batch of European Vita bundles over the weekend. For the standard sum of €249 you’ll be able to grab a Wi-Fi Vita with a 4GB memory card and a copy of Uncharted: Golden Abyss. Similarly, for €299 you’ll be able to net a 3G system with a 4GB memory card and a download code for MotorStorm RC.

The bundles haven’t been announced in North America yet, but we reckon they’ll pop up during next month’s E3. It essentially erodes the issue attached to the Vita’s expensive storage medium – 4GB is just about enough if you’re not planning to download any games – and adds value to the package via the included software. But is it enough to convince the sceptics amongst you to pick up Sony’s new handheld?


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£200 for the WiFi Vita, a 4GB card and Uncharted is a great bundle, they shouldv've done this from the start really- this is exactly the sort of pricing that's all over eBay.



get2sammyb said:

@KALofKRYPTON I think it sounds very reasonable too. People seem to be acting like this console is worthless though. I read a post over the weekend claiming the console "should" cost £99.99. Sigh.





I don't get it either, but unfortunately if the press keep reporting things a certain way, eventually most people will start to agree-whether they've experienced the thing or not. I thought the 3DS would bomb after having used one, I'm not big on 3D and it just seemed like yet another Nintendo churn out, but no-it's flying now, someone will always want what you don't. The only thing I thought I wouldn't like about the Vita personally is the OS, which actually pleasantly suprised me. I've read many a headline claiming a game drought, poor launch line up etc. I couldn't disagree more save perhaps an fps on release. I have admittedly only had mine a month, but I'm still playing every game I own for it, still having a peek at a couple of the demos and PSP games too.

At some point, somewhere, some time, every hardware manufacturer in the industry will nail it's launch window- the price will be low enough to appease the tight fisted masses, the launch line up will hand over free money and fireworks to every buyer and a dozen AAA games a week will be released in the first 3 months . . .

Yeah I saw that one.about £99. Idiot. I'm not in to flaming, not at all, but wake up to the real world- Games are not real, but the cash needed to produce them and the hardware that runs them is very real. people like that should perhaps try and build themselves a Vita, or even amass the required components for a Vita for £99.99!





I think it is anyway, most smartphones these days allow for a mobile hotspot, which makes the 3G option a little redundant I think.

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