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Hirai: "Sony Can't Go On Like This"

Posted by James Newton

Must change from the top

Current Sony Computer Entertainment and future Sony CEO Kaz Hirai has spoken candidly about the company's future prospects to The Wall Street Journal.

Speaking ahead of Sony's $2 billion loss in the last financial quarter, Hirai touched on the challenge facing him as the next CEO of Sony:

We can't just continue to be a great purveyor of hardware products, even though some people expect us to do that.

Hirai famously restored the PlayStation division to profitability just four years after it reported a colossal $2 billion loss, but now faces his biggest battle yet. Or, as Hirai deftly put it:

It's one issue after another. I feel like 'Holy s—, now what?'

We couldn't have put it better ourselves.


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DarkKirby said:

Here's how you don't succeed. Piss off your costumers by making it so the system you sell people is not owned by them, and is technically a permanent rental which you at all times hold the right to say the purchaser broke the law by doing something you do not approve of. And supporting crap like SOPA and PIPA (not that Nintendo or Microsoft were any better). Going around the internet claiming everything fans are doing to promote your products and show their love for them are violating your copyrights and demand them taken down.

This is how you DON'T succeed Sony.



pntjr said:

Don't worry. Remember what happened to Nintendo? They bounced back. So will Sony. Nothing to fear at all. ~i think~



SpaceKappa said:

I think what really bit Sony in the behind this generation - and what turned me off from them for a while - was rather than listen to what their customers wanted, they TOLD them what they wanted. They came off extremely arrogant which stood as a stark contrast to Nintendo's "everyone is welcome" vibe and Microsoft's hip image.

I have no doubt they'll turn it around, though.



Blink16 said:

I know this might be off topic but i'm really liking this site XD (mix gaming and favorite color blue) and you've got my attention, Oh and Sony will come through eventually.



MachineLaw said:

@SpaceKappa Totally agree with your opinion. Sony's customer service is a great example of that, it's really really difficult to get them to do something for you. We didn't want a "super computer" powered by "cell" and a $599 console that at the end didn't do that much different than the 360, we wanted what we had in the first place on the PS2 and what we are getting until only about 2 years ago with PS3: great games for a gaming console.

I just hope the next PlayStation is not powered by "Buu".

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