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SpaceKappa commented on My Little Sister Can't Be This Cute Is Raising...:

Oh it's not like that!

The series is about a guy who finds out his popular, super-smart fashion model sister is actually a closet otaku with a secret unbridled passion for cute figurines and dating sim games. It's about them learning to understand and take care of each other, not anything perverted.

Season 2 starts in Japan really soon!



SpaceKappa commented on PlayStation Vita Slumps to Its Saddest Defeat ...:

That's the thing keeping me from buying a Vita... I have a PS3 already. I don't really need something like Uncharted on the go. That's a cinematic game with stunning setpieces that I want to experience with my HDTV and sound system. The kinds of games on portables that get me hooked are the kinds that I want to have with me at all times and are easily digestible in short bursts... I can do a couple of races in Mario Kart 7 when I'm at my in-laws and everyone goes off to do things that don't interest me.

I think the games they're releasing on Vita are not doing the system any justice. They shouldn't be marketing it as a console you carry with you. They should be looking at what the Vita has that sets it apart from its biggest competition, smartphones, and build games that take advantage of that. The rear touch screen was something that really interested me but hardly anything uses it in any meaningful way. You have innovative hardware... innovate with it!

I think it says something when downloadable PS1 games are the most exciting things to your consumers. I hope this ship gets righted soon, because I'd love to want a Vita.



SpaceKappa commented on Capcom Resurrects Darkstalkers for PlayStation...:

GET HYPE! I never got to play a lot of Darkstalkers but I loved it when I did. Can't wait for this.

The price tag has me worried... I really hope this doesn't turn into a situation like JoJo's Bizarre Adventure HD.



SpaceKappa commented on Rumour: Bethesda Scouting Boston Area for Fall...:

That's awesome! As a Boston resident I think it's really cool as we're usually passed up for New York as the setting for games and movies and such. I didn't play much of Fallout 3 but enough to know I enjoyed it, so this makes it a definite purchase for me!



SpaceKappa commented on EVO 2K Videos Show Off Incredible Fighting Skills:

The UMvC3 finals were sooooooo hype. I couldn't believe the amount of ridiculous comebacks this year. I was glad to see Filipino Champ take it although I was rooting for Frutsy and his nasty MODOK most of the way. The SSFIV finals weren't terribly exciting, because I hate Akuma. I was pulling for Human Bomb because Sakura is my girl and I gotta pay respects.

SFxT looks boring as hell so I wasn't too into that.



SpaceKappa commented on Explore the Criminal Underworld of Star Wars 1313:

@KALofKRYPTON I absolutely agree. I think they can make a decent game out of this, it just won't be groundbreaking or terribly interesting.

I wonder where the Star Wars franchise can even GO in video games these days. It's already done just about everything, and after the incredible Knights of the Old Republic they can't even go back to an RPG because there's no way they can top it. Action games are kinda all that can be done now, I just hope they can make them interesting at least.



SpaceKappa commented on Explore the Criminal Underworld of Star Wars 1313:

I am SO with you on Battlefront 3.

I'm interested in this, because as a lifelong Star Wars fan I'm contractually obligated to be. I'm not thrilled, though. I don't really need to see "dark and mature" themes in Star Wars. I just want someone to bring back the campy adventure feel from the Original Trilogy, something that no one's really been able to capture in years. It's part of why I didn't completely lose myself to The Old Republic. With the way they keep making Star Wars try to look "new" it loses the aesthetic that made the first three movies so fun.

The fact that you play as a bounty hunter has me intrigued, though. I like Jedi as much as the next guy but I'm kinda getting sick of playing as them in every game. I'm definitely looking forward to using a blaster instead of a lightsaber for once.



SpaceKappa commented on Snapshot Zooms onto PS3 and Vita This Fall:

I saw this at PAX East '11 and was really impressed. The game was running on PCs and the seats they had set up were torn out of cars, but the guys were really excited to be showing off their game. My wife played through the demo and really enjoyed it. She even managed to solve one of the puzzles in a way they had never intended!

I'm really excited that this is finally going to be released.



SpaceKappa commented on Capcom Spells Out Street Fighter X Tekken's DL...:

Finding out that the extra characters were on the disc and I'd be charged for them later is the main reason I decided to pass on this game. If you want to work on new characters and add them later to stretch the life of the game, great. Sign me up. Holding content that I already technically own hostage to milk another $20 out of me is only going to assure you're not getting my $60 in the first place.



SpaceKappa commented on Phantasy Star Online 2 Confirmed for PS Vita:

I'm hoping for a home console release, honestly. PSO simply IS a console game for me. It's kind of a good thing that the games didn't keep track of how long you played them; between Dreamcast, GameCube and Xbox I sank a lot of my life into that game.



SpaceKappa commented on Review: Mecho Wars (PlayStation Minis):


Hey, if you don't have a PSP, don't let it deter you, it still looks good! It's like playing a Game Boy Advance game on your TV with the Game Boy Player. I played it mostly on the PS3 and I still thought it looked fantastic.



SpaceKappa commented on Review: Mecho Wars (PlayStation Minis):


First off, love the avatar, pal!

Second, while the nice thing about Minis is that you can play them on PS3 OR PSP, if you have a PSP I'd recommend playing Mecho Wars on that. I played it on both and while it's nice to play it on the big screen the amount of stretching and scaling the picture goes through really does the wonderful art direction a horrible disservice. On the PSP it looks sharp as a tack.



SpaceKappa commented on Review: Enslaved: Odyssey To The West (PlaySta...:

@Mason took the words right out of my mouth. To me, the gameplay (which is still top-notch) takes a backseat to the amazing characters. I love different adaptations of Journey to the West and I absolutely LOVE how they made it fit in this setting. The cutscenes are phenomenal and the subtle facial animations and things the animators employed just give so much life and realism to the cast.

This is a must-have.



SpaceKappa commented on Review: 3D Dot Game Heroes (PlayStation 3):


Still haven't beaten it (it's freakin' hard) but when you combine From Software's awesome game design with Atlus' sense of humor you really have something special.

This game has my most favoritest graphics ever.



SpaceKappa commented on Hirai: "Sony Can't Go On Like This":

I think what really bit Sony in the behind this generation - and what turned me off from them for a while - was rather than listen to what their customers wanted, they TOLD them what they wanted. They came off extremely arrogant which stood as a stark contrast to Nintendo's "everyone is welcome" vibe and Microsoft's hip image.

I have no doubt they'll turn it around, though.



SpaceKappa commented on Review: SoulCalibur V (PlayStation 3):

@DiggerandIndy I can understand why you'd think that considering the spectacle that previous guest characters have had behind them, but I think the best compliment I can give to Ezio is that if someone was unfamiliar with Assassin's Creed they'd have no idea he's not just one of the new characters. He blends PERFECTLY and that's actually quite refreshing.

He's also quite tricky to use effectively, which means that losers online won't pick him over and over again like they did with Yoda in Soulcalibur IV!



SpaceKappa commented on Welcome to the New Push Square!:

I'm so glad we're finally live! I'm incredibly stoked to be a part of this!

I've loved PlayStation since 1997 when the marketing blitz for Final Fantasy VII grabbed me by the throat. Sure, we had a bit of a falling out at the start of this generation, but we've since kissed and made up.