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Assassin's Creed DLC Delves into the Mind of Subject 16

Posted by Sammy Barker

Clinically insane

Hands-up if you remember Subject 16 from Assassin’s Creed: Revelations? Hmm, not many of you. Let us give you another clue: he was the nut-job that kept pestering modern day protagonist Desmond. Yeah, that’s the one.

Why is he important? Because he’s back. And no, not in Pog form, but as DLC accidentally outed by UK retailer Zavvi this afternoon.

The downloadable pack — entitled The Lost Archive — will hone in on the life of Subject 16 through a series of puzzle platforming sequences repurposed from the main campaign. The pack promises to delve into the identity of Subject 16, as well as expose his relationships with fellow assassins.

The Lost Archive will also unlock a host of pre-order bonuses formerly exclusive to various retailers, including the Turkish Assassin Armour, Altair's Robe and the Armour of Brutus, as well as the “Vlad the Impaler Prison” campaign mission.

The DLC will sneak onto PS3 on 28th February, both as a standalone download and as part of the “Ottoman Edition” retail pack.


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DarkKirby said:

The video was taken down. Oh Ubisoft. Maybe smartly so, the "Desmond's memories" sequences was the worst part of the game by a large margin. The poor puzzles served no relation to the narrative that accompanies it, not to mention in Desmond's case, the entire narrative was him whining about how bad his life was. I wouldn't want that advertised.



ShogunRok said:

I have to agree with DarkKirby, why would Ubisoft add DLC like this? They never give us what we really want - quality single player DLC, like an expansion or something.



PaperLucario said:

As much as I love Assassin's Creed I must agree, the Desmond Memories were severely underplayed (Think about it, they could've done actual memory sequences with Desmond, you know, like Altair). With that in mind, if 16's story isn't much better, than I'll consider this more of a Preorder Bonus Pack.

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