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New Ape Escape Screenshots the Happiest Things You'll See Today

Posted by James Newton

Colour! Rainbows! Moustaches!

Ape Escape Fury Fury is an on-rails game that features a net, not a gun: your task is to round-up all the monkeys using your keeper's prowess, grabbing them in your net, naturally controlled by PlayStation Move.

A new batch of screenshots of the upcoming simian snatcher have found their way to use here at Movemodo and they immediately brought smiles to our tired faces. There's something undeniably appealing on a very basic human level about seeing a monkey with a moustache dressed up as a police officer.

Have a look at the screenshots below and even watch the trailer for more monkey madness.

Game Screenshots

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turtlelink said:

I'd much rather want a 3D exploration Ape Escape, but this should still be great!



James said:

Look at it! Did you not see how much fun those kids were having in the trailer?

I've never actually played Ape Escape but I'm really looking forward to this.



Slapshot said:

@James.... I think Im like 25 yrs too old for this one This is definately aimed at a very young audience. Its a big difference from the Ape Escape that started it all on PSone wich was the first game to fully utilize the Dual Analog Controller. A great 3D platformer that did a lot of new things back then, that was fun for not only younger gamers but had a high learning curve wich drew in a lot of older gamers as well.

This could and in my opinion should be a full on 3D game for Playstation Move. The perfect chance to breathe new life into a once great inovative franchise!



Slapshot said: you should definately get a doctor to look at that my friend

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