So far in our journey through Move we've covered plenty of gun accessories, with the odd boxing glove and sports set for good measure. Now Logic 3 is wading into the murky waters of PlayStation Move accessories with a mix of the old and new, all in its own chic black style.

As well as a chunky-looking revolver-style pistol shell for shooting games, the company's Move Sports Pack contains an odd mix of 'enhancements': a tennis racket, golf club, baseball bat and table tennis bat. Only the table tennis bat actually fits with the best-selling Move title Sports Champions, with no motion-controlled baseball game available at all. Call us cynical, but it's a possibility that Logic 3 simply reproduced its Wii accessories in black plastic with a slightly different connector.

Our real favourite has to be the PlayStation Move carry pack, a zip-up case with room for a Move, Navigation controller and three loose Blu-ray discs. We know Blu-rays are tough little things, but if you're the kind of person to shell out for a protective case for a controller you're likely to want to transport your games around in boxes, too.

Head over to the Logic 3 PlayStation Move website for the add-ons in all their glory.