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Logic 3, With These Move Accessories You Are Really Spoiling Us

Posted by James Newton

No, really

So far in our journey through Move we've covered plenty of gun accessories, with the odd boxing glove and sports set for good measure. Now Logic 3 is wading into the murky waters of PlayStation Move accessories with a mix of the old and new, all in its own chic black style.

As well as a chunky-looking revolver-style pistol shell for shooting games, the company's Move Sports Pack contains an odd mix of 'enhancements': a tennis racket, golf club, baseball bat and table tennis bat. Only the table tennis bat actually fits with the best-selling Move title Sports Champions, with no motion-controlled baseball game available at all. Call us cynical, but it's a possibility that Logic 3 simply reproduced its Wii accessories in black plastic with a slightly different connector.

Our real favourite has to be the PlayStation Move carry pack, a zip-up case with room for a Move, Navigation controller and three loose Blu-ray discs. We know Blu-rays are tough little things, but if you're the kind of person to shell out for a protective case for a controller you're likely to want to transport your games around in boxes, too.

Head over to the Logic 3 PlayStation Move website for the add-ons in all their glory.


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mjc0961 said:

Sadly I can't even make fun of them making accessories for game types that Move doesn't have yet. I mean, when someone makes a boat accessory for Kinect, you have to make something really bad to look stupid by comparison.



James said:

A sports set where only one of the attachments works with the biggest-selling sports game on there? That's quite dim, but I think the boat will always take the biscuit. A boat - honestly.

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