Yes, really

Hyperkin's Sporting Victory accessories were squarely aimed at those gamers who wanted a bit of Sports Champions action on the Move, but that's not to say there's a huge wealth of as-yet untapped peripheral possibilities. Rival accessory manufacturer Eagle3 has zeroed in on some of the possibilities with a new range of snap-on add-ons, varying from the beautiful to the baffling.

By far the brightest are the "boxing gloves" that neatly grip the Move controllers in The Fight: Lights Out, a steal at just $25. Racing games get their own add-on with the $20 wheel attachment, a plastic housing for your Move controller that actually has a base, so you won't feel as if you're gripping thin air.

Top of the peripheral pile is the $20 Arc Blaster, a plastic pistol that contains a separate plastic housing for the Navigation controller, just ahead of the good old sports accessory pack containing a sword, shield, bow and, er, table tennis bat. That package will set you back a princely $30.

Will you be buying any third party add-ons for your controllers?