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American Move Launch Game Sales Look a Little Meagre

Posted by James Newton

EyePet emerges best in show

As Sony's flagship title for Move, Sports Champions has been at the forefront of the company's efforts to put motion control in the hands of gamers and non-gamers alike. That's why it's so surprising to see it beaten in the software sales charts by EyePet: Move Edition, with the cuddly critter taking the top spot in standalone software sales across America.

Gamasutra reports that around 20,000 copies of Sports Champions were sold in North America in September, but bear in mind this doesn't include copies sold with the Starter Pack or the 320GB hardware deal, as these are classed as accessory and hardware respectively. No sales figures were available for EyePet, regrettably.

The low standalone sales for Sports Champions suggests that most gamers getting into Move were picking up the Starter Pack or 320GB console, both of which contain the game. With Jack Tretton claiming that Sony has shipped 1 million Moves in America, it's highly likely Sports Champions sold a lot more than just 20,000 units.

The second point to draw from these charts is the poor performance of Sony's other first-party Move releases. If Sports Champions – a game practically given away free in most Move configurations – is the second best-selling standalone Move release of the month, that means other launch titles Start the Party! and Kung Fu Rider both sold less than 20,000 units across the country in a two-week period.

Reliable Move sales figures for September are hard to come by, so it's difficult to draw a correlation between software and accessory attach figures. If analyst Michael Pachter's claim that Move sold 300,000 units is accurate, this puts fewer than 10% of purchasers picking up another Sony launch title to accompany their accessory.

With Sony claiming Move could be hard to come by until February, it remains to be seen if software attach rates will improve.


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Token_Girl said:

Also, a lot of "launch titles" didn't actually launch with the system. Many people may not have bought many new titles, because they could just patch titles they already had for free.



James said:

@Token Girl I think most of them were simultaneously launches with Move, or like RUSE launched a little earlier.

Either way, people are willing to spend the money on a brand new controller but not to pick up any games designed just for it. If I were Sony, that would concern me!



psychobudgie said:

@James Newton I have to agree completely. I bought the controller a week ago and haven't actually bought any of the move specific titles. Patched Heavy Rain, Bowling and it will probably be Singstar Dance that will be my first specific move title purchased. Roll on the free patches though.



Slapshot said:

I dont see the concern. In America Sports Championship is a pack-in. I got mine in the 320gb bundle so my copy isnt counted. You could prob x4 that number with Sports Championships in America. EVERYONE I know has bought the Move bundle and a extra Move.... EVERYONE!

Considering the best games for Move at launch is Tumble on PSN, Eyepet (not many older gamers will get this, remember PS3 is mainly owned my males in there twenties), RUSE (RTS fans only) and a pack in game in North America these numbers are extremely inaccurate, MAG, Heavy Rain, RE5 seem to be the biggest appeal and from what Ive heard locally these games are once again flying off the shelves. MAG has tons of new people online everyday it seems, and lots of people are talking about using the Move controller there. Thing is these games arent being counted as Move games, so these numbers dont do justice.

Sony was shooting for a 10% consumer base install at launch at it looks like they got more, and we all knew it would be a slow start, it was no different for Wii.



James said:

@psychobudgie Firstly, welcome to Movemodo! Hope you're enjoying your Move so far, let's hope Sony can entice you to pick up a game or two

@slapshot82 I see your point and what you say makes perfect sense: older games wouldn't be counted, and perhaps Move's launch has had the unexpected secondary effect of boosting the PS3's back catalogue.

Most of this is just extrapolation on the extremely limited (and potentially even inaccurate) sales figures gleaned from the 'net, but the real point I'm driving at here is this: Move didn't launch with enough good games that sold well.



Slapshot said:

@James.... I agree completely! I think it was a lets get this thing out the door and on the market with Sports Championship to let people see what the thing can do, wich in my experience has sold the controller over and over again to people I would never have thought would buy it, and trickle in the game as they come. Its a strategy that we are seeing over and over, Wii, WiiWare, DSiWare, PSN, PS3, DS, etc. It seems nearly every system or service we get is started very slowly today and picks up steam over the first year or so. I expect the exact same from Kinect when it launches.

Just with my experience alone though, the patching up older games at launch has kept me very pleased with Move and I have more than enough to keep me happy until the next game I want comes out.

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