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Move vs Stuff Site is Misleading But Contains Enough Kevin Butler to be Forgiven

Posted by James Newton

Comparisons funnier with KB onboard

We already know what PlayStation Move does and how, but Sony is keen to crow more about the controller's capabilities in comparison to its motion control rivals. That's why it's created Move vs. Stuff and the comparison table within to show off exactly where Move leads and others follow.

Except, of course, that many of those features belong to PlayStation 3, not Move, and you certainly wouldn't expect Wii or Xbox 360 to get free access to PlayStation Network and download PSOne games. There's even an accompanying PDF to compare PlayStation Move to a pineapple and a hoop with a stick. Perhaps this sounded funny in a marketing meeting at Sony, but in practice it's a little on the immature side.

Other sites in the corral include Sensitive Fireman, in which a sensitive fireman (of course) tries to persuade a female member of your family that Move is really great, and Yay Buttons, which shouts about how great buttons are and how useful they can be. On each site you can even click Kevin Butler, VP of Auditory Opinions, to hear his opinion on the page at hand, something we wish applied to the entire Internet.


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Dazza said:

Yeah yaybuttons was a good laugh, Sony's marketing team seem to be having a whale of a time with this tongue in cheek stuff!



Bobpie said:

Don't like the tongue in cheek stuff (I could add to that list stuff that the Wii has; or Xbox has and Move doesn't), but yaybuttons is funny.



RonF said:

I don't like this kind of marketing. It seems like the biased comparison is trying to conceal some major flaw.



Odnetnin said:

I can't believe how much time I just wasted on Yay Buttons. KB was lacking, but I found the sites funny overall, especially the Sensitive Fireman.



Stuffgamer1 said:

The comparison to the hoop and stick is a reference to one of their commercials from late last year...the pineapple might well also be from a commercial, though I'm not sure which. I like self-referential humor, and Sony has that in spades with KB. Keep it coming, guys! Just get rid of Marcus...ugh.



mjc0961 said:

Yeah, I liked the Yay Buttons page (in fact I liked it in regards to the new Windows 7 Phone thing people are getting excited about; I do not want to play games with the only control being a touch screen which means I can't see what I'm doing and interact at the same time, this needs BUTTONS on the side so I can still see the screen) and the Sensitive Fireman was 15 flavors of awesome.

The chart sucked though, and I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks so. It is a bit of a disappointment because you know if they had just tried harder, they could have had more factual things on it while still keeping the purpose of "Kinect and Wii don't do this, Move does."

Also I'm in agreement with Stuffgamer on his last bit. Please Sony, I'll buy as many Move controllers as you want if you will get that obnoxious little snot Marcus off my TV.

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