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Sat 17th Dec 2011

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Jfilesguy commented on Review: Angry Birds (PlayStation Minis):

Wow, i didn't know their was a minis version of angry birds! I do agree that Angry Birds is a bit overrated but the iOS version wasn't this bad (It's in the 7/10 zone for me) but as I havn't played this one, I can't say.



Jfilesguy commented on Review: Daxter (PlayStation Portable):

@Dax_Jaxter what he said, if I don't get plenty of Jn'D on the Vita I will not be happy

But, since I don't get my vita for about a month, I could download this on my PSP (witch I never use) and re-download it to my Vita. Horay!!!



Jfilesguy commented on Jak & Daxter: The Lost Frontier:

Shame this is the black sheep of the Jak & Daxter games, those games are the reason why my love of sony is even close to my love of Nintendo! When I get a Vita (exactly one month from now) I will need a heavy dose of J&D to make me love my vita to the max. Just have to wait for the review of Daxter and I'll see if i can get my max dose.



Jfilesguy commented on Final Fantasy VII:

Best game ever or overrated...

Hey don't ask me, i'm in the 1% of the world that has not played this yet!



Jfilesguy commented on Naughty Dog Considered New Jak & Daxter:

The original was the first PS2 game I ever played! Loved every bit, like Mario 64 and Zelda mixed in a blender! Jak 2 was also good, but I missed the classic gameplay and by the time it started getting good it was way too hard! Never played Jak 3, Jak X, Daxter, or Lost Frontire though (really bad idea to make it PS2).

Bring on the collection!



Jfilesguy commented on Review: The Sly Collection (PlayStation 3):

I loved Sly Cooper as a yung-un! I need a good reason to play these games again!

This will be my next PS3 buy after ICO & Shadow of the Colosus Colection!

Wait, I got a $50 PSN card instaid, and got the first Jak game. Great fun, wonder if I should get Sly 1 or save up for the collection... Hmmm... :/



Jfilesguy commented on Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People:

My first PSN game (and also my first comment on PushSquare) If you couldn't tell from my avatar I'm a big Homestar Runner fan, and this bundle is a BIG reason why I busted my old PS3 out of that game system pile (Uncharted and PushSquare helped too)

Great point and click em' up if your a fan of Homestar or Strong Bad (and other wise, go on the site I COMMAND YOU!)



Jfilesguy commented on LittleBigPlanet:

I got really hooked on LBP2 for a day, then was so exited to make my own games.

But then i couldn't grasp the game maker
And I didn't have PSN
And i got stuck in story mode
All this ended my LBP2 love, but if I get a Vita, i will have PSN as my 1st priority, If i do all that this will be great!



Jfilesguy commented on Uncharted: Golden Abyss:

I played Uncharted 2 at a friend's house and it was awesome! Then I got a PS3 bundled with it, but i LOST it! it drove me crazy for weeks!

Now I can play a game like it on the go!



Jfilesguy commented on Happy New Year from VitaGamr!:

even though i kinda maeby sorda want a Vita, I'll regret when it comes out and my 3DS gets lost in the dust
But if it's anything like like my PSP, i'll love it for a month, then forget i had it and just played my DSi, and just when i remembered i had one the Vita was on the way.



Jfilesguy commented on Rayman Origins:

Hey Vitagamr, i found a glitch on this page, if you click anything on related games it tries to find the game on this site when it should open on NintendoLife, sorry to bother



Jfilesguy commented on Rayman Origins:

glad to see this as a launch title, I hope the 3DS version comes out soon.

If i get a Vita (and from the great launch, i may) this will be a nice little game to go with it!



Jfilesguy commented on Escape Plan:

This game looks great.

I hate to say this with my 3DS with me, but i might need to get a vi....
"What's all this then"
Oh! My 3DS! I was just saying how I need to get more Vi... Deo Games for you!




Jfilesguy commented on PlayStation Vita Launch Details for North America:

At first I was like "Oh, Uncharted: Golden Abyss and Escape Plan on day 1, may need to get a Vita".

Then I was like "OMG PLANTS VS. ZOMBIES I NEED TO GET A VITA!" I'm a big PVZ fan myself.

Over all this is a zilion times better than the 3DS launch, as all the good games i'm interested in are on day uno.