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Can anyone recommend anything similar to Colin Stetson's 'Presents Sorrow: A Re-imagining of Gorecki's third symphony'? Either jazz or classical would work for me, I really love the electric guitar-work on that record.

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Recently discovered Pomplamoose - exceptionally glad that I did!

Earlier works are rather quirky and they had a 'video song' format (they're old-guard YouTubers) for a long time. More recently they've switched to collaboration and studio format with some really great original tracks and covers.

Highly recommended.

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@Draco_V_Ecliptic No problem, I’m happy you took the time to listen. Glad you enjoyed it. I’m not very familiar with more recent work of Glass, I’m afraid but regarding contemporary jazz I have two recommendations:


Belgian band that blends jazz, electronics and post-rock.


British jazz collective with afrobeat, latin influences.

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@JJ-firl Stuff is very cool! Ill try think if I can come up with some nice jazz recommendations.



Red Hot Chili Peppers' By The Way album, on a sunny Sunday morning.

That's all I came here to say really.

Good job, Parappa. You can go on to the next stage now.

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