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  • News Among Us Sneaks to Physical Retail on PS5, PS4 with Three Special Editions

    Emergency meeting

    Among Us is the smash hit multiplayer game about social subterfuge, and it's coming to PlayStation 5 and PS4 sometime this year. We're of course looking forward to seeing what all the fuss is about with this small but popular title, as it was pretty much all we were hearing about in 2020. While it's not seeing as much focus these...

  • First Impressions Street Power Soccer Is PS4 Footie for the YouTube Era


    After a coronavirus enforced hiatus, the Premier League has returned. But while VAR remains as bemusing as ever, it’s not really the same: the pace is slow, the quality is generally quite low, and Liverpool are champions. Street Power Soccer is promising a haven away from a world where Jordan Henderson has a Champions League title stuffed in...

  • News Street Power Soccer Will Style Up Your Summer on PS4

    'Ave it

    The lack of arcade sports games has been one of the real downsides of this generation. Fortunately, developers are beginning to pay attention to the growing gap in the market. Street Power Soccer promises to resurrect the oft-underserved genre, with a mixture of freestyle football-inspired modes that “incorporate rhythm, precision, street...

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    Review Beast Quest

    A peasantry affair

    With over 11 years' worth of material to draw inspiration from, a video game adaptation of the Beast Quest franchise arrives with a somewhat decent amount of potential. Telling tales of mythical creatures and the heroes that slay them, does the series’ first attempt on consoles go down in the history books with a lasting legacy...

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    Review Road Rage


    THE FUTURE. Sick of being taken advantage of by power hungry, money grubbing fat cats, the disenfranchised people of the city of Ashen rise up against their oppressors the only way they know how: by forming motorcycle gangs and hitting each other with big sticks. This is Road Rage: a dreadful vehicle combat game that is probably only...

  • News There's Yet Another Zombie Shooter Game Entering Open Beta on PS4 Today

    Add Dead Alliance to the pile

    Do we really need more bloody zombies in our video games? Apparently so, as multiplayer shooter Dead Alliance is entering its open beta phase on PlayStation 4 starting today. From what we gather, the game essentially drops opposing teams of players in a map filled with zombies, and you're tasked with shooting anything...

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    Review The Golf Club 2

    Tee time

    It’s been almost three years since The Golf Club bagged up its 9 iron and plotted a course for the user created links of the PlayStation 4. HB Studios’ simulation resembled a present day Tiger Woods: a little rough around the edges but still capable of magic. This sequel, then, aims to improve upon the handicap of its predecessor by...

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    Review Mark McMorris Infinite Air


    We haven't had a snowboarding game in a while, let alone a good one – and you could say the same of the entire extreme sports genre as a whole. The last shredding simulator came out in 2012, and even then it wasn't a very good one; it seems that the golden age of SSX and Shaun White Snowboarding on PS2 is well and truly over. Mark...

  • News Lichdom: Battlemage Runs Like a PowerPoint Presentation on PS4

    That's a kinda magic

    We thought we'd said something wrong when the developers of Lichdom: Battlemage ignored our requests to review its upcoming game – but it turns out the title's just trash. Okay, that's unfair, we haven't technically played it yet – but the… Er, well the video embedded doesn't paint the prettiest of pictures. Unless you're...

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    Review Alekhine's Gun

    Cold bore

    The stealth genre is one that's often hard to get right in a game. It has to have a balance of patience and action, combat and hiding, and – most importantly – it has to be open and varied. Somehow, Alekhine's Gun fails at all of these things, missing the mark more than a Stormtrooper after drinking five cans of Red Bull. Set during...

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    Review Let's Sing 2016

    Something for the weeknd

    First things first: if you've read our Now That's What I Call Sing review, you've pretty much read the review for Let's Sing 2016. The two are practically the same game, bar a couple of tracks, so we strongly recommend that you read the aforementioned review if you want to get a detailed idea of how good Let's Sing 2016 is...

  • News Divinity: Original Sin - Enhanced Edition's PS4 Gameplay Trailer Tells You Everything You Need to Know

    Know your role

    Divinity: Original Sin garnered quite a lot of attention when it originally launched on PC. According to most, it's a fantastic role-playing game with a huge world, addictive combat, and a lot of player customisation. Of course, as with almost every title that receives such praise these days, it's making the jump to the PlayStation 4...

  • E3 2015 Loading Human Shoots for the Stars on Project Morpheus

    Ready player one

    And so it begins: the Project Morpheus software announcements are starting to arrive. We've heard word of two separate titles that will be on display at Sony's booth, though we're sworn to secrecy for the moment. Loading Human, it appears, we can talk about. The high-concept trailer embedded below should give you the general gist...